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mre 10-23-2018 08:45 AM

Wholesale Warranties for Newmar Owners
I have read through all the posts I could find about extended warranties and am aware of the pros and cons and some of the issues. I did not purchase one through my dealer when I bought the coach and thought I would self-insure. The dealer sells Cornerstone. With all the issues I have had with my Newmar, I got cold feet and purchased one. Specifically, I purchased one through Wholesale Warranties.

I had to drop my coach off at the dealer’s this morning for a warranty issue. I discussed extended warranty issue with them. I was told that the biggest issue they run into with most all extended warranties companies that results in problems and non-coverage is that Newmar uses their own part number system and not a generic one that is used by most other manufacturers.

For people owning Newmars, do any of you have a policy though Wholesale Warranties and if so, have you had any issues?

oregonhiker 10-23-2018 10:20 AM

We used Wholesale Warranties on our last coach '11 Ventana and our current coach a '17 Mountain Aire. We used them a fair number of times with the Ventana and have yet to turn in a claim for the MA. I would say everything from the warranty end worked great with the shops turning in claims to them with never a denial. You need to do your homework and no what they cover and what they don't. We group our claims together if we can as to pay only one deductible or copay if we can. The only problem that we have had was with one shop who didn't like what the insurance paid for the hourly rate and would charge us the difference. Any others have never said a word about that.

As to your shop saying something about Newmar part #'s I guess I don't understand that argument. The shop no matter where they purchase from will have different part #'s depending on their supplier of parts. It has never been brought up with any of our past claims.

For your peace of mind I would call WW and ask them this question and explain that the shop claims that there could be denials due to part #'s. They are great to talk to and answer questions that I have ever had in the past.

mre 10-23-2018 01:39 PM

I have already purchased a contract with them. Their contract pretty much reads like a previous contract (but different provider) I had for my previous coach. It also pretty much reads like the Cornerstone draft copy I got, but never purchased, from the Newmar dealer.

As far as the part numbers go, I thought it was a little strange also. The service advisor didn’t know either.

alan1 10-23-2018 03:42 PM

I have had 3 contracts thru Wholesale, but with different claims adm. This last claim was a nightmare. Before paying the claim the Adm. wanted to know the Newmar's cost for an item only sold to manufactures (motor for shade). Todd Miller who handles the service contracts handed the phone to me in mid conversation saying he had never had these much trouble. He explained to them that what Newmar pays is proprietary. I got Wholesale Warranties involved and the claim was moved to another person and it was approved.
Newmare usually has the Manufactures part number also.

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