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"007" 10-24-2018 10:48 AM

More Updated Information about GOOD Newmar Dealers
============= NEWMAR CORP 2019 COACH's ===========

Back in the 2018 year before spring we on this forum made a list of experiences with Newmar dealers and who we would recommend to new to be Newmar owners, our preferences.
This is the list we came up with.

It has not changed and in fact some others may need to be added. Doing a NEWMAR SEARCH, which I have corrected in our sticky above, I see more dealers that may need your consideration.

Too add to this thread some members did write up's of their own reviews, of their own PDI with their dealer, which I will post in this thread, when I find them.

A write up by DS DON and his dealer Tom Lindstrum, you can see why Tom is a number #1 Newmar Dealer.

I know there are some more posts by members of their dealer DPU, but I will also add this FPU by the Redbaron so you can compare if you have any questions which to chose FPU or DPU, make sure with dealer his DPU is almost the same as a FPU.

"007" 10-24-2018 01:41 PM

Added some links.

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