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RickyR 10-29-2018 09:51 AM

King Aire engine fuel pump access
Looking to see if anyone has first hand knowledge on how to access the fuel pump on a 2012-2014 King Aire engine mounted fuel pump? I have read that the fuel pump tappets are made of ceramic and have the tendency over the years to start to break up, those parts end up in the engine oil, thereby destroying the engine internally.
This is likely Newmar specific because of the job and location of the parts involved.
I have asked Cummins, Spartan and Newmar to find out the easiest way to access the pump for service. Not one of the above was helpful. I know this is not the the first time asked, and the ISX engines in those years all had ceramic tappets. I am considering doing this myself, but was looking for someone who knows the easiest access for the job. I can speculate, but no need for experimentation and nonsense removal of parts. Thanks in advance for any guidance or help..

Coral 10-29-2018 03:16 PM

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This should help you out:

RickyR 10-29-2018 03:28 PM

Thanks for that, but I already know where it is, just wanting to know HOW to access the pump, another words what parts need to be removed for the easiest access. It's in a very tight area that is not accessible without removing lots of "stuff". I prefer not to start a project in the blind, and if someone has previous experience that would help a lot. I'd hate to take off the exhaust system, when removing the DEF tank would be easier and faster. Or removing the hydraulic tank and having to drain all of that oil.. Just to learn a certain method is the most practical.

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