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DavidK2017 04-08-2019 09:45 AM

Rerouting heating vent
Good morning everyone, looking for some thoughts on this.

I have a heating vent that goes to the front of my RV but there is very little heat coming out of it, and it's in a stupid spot under the over hang of our queen bed.

Since I have to remove the underbelly to fix this vent anyway I was thinking of moving it to a more central spot. Like coming out the side of our dinette so it heats the main living space. Should be an easy move as the dinette is a empty space under the seat. Any know of any issues with this. Do RV have vents in specific spots based on some wierd formula to figure out heat distribution. I assume it's where it is because it's a sleeping area but as I said the spot it is would just make for very warm feet if it worked.


APhotoWizard 04-08-2019 07:09 PM

In my experience the manufacturer locates the heating outlets near where cold air is expected to enter the coach in order to keep the temperature uniform in the cabin. Moving it should not be a problem. There are some places where a vent is not reasonable. One of those is in a walkway. These will always look terrible as the registers are not designed to carry a load. Another is where they blow hot air on things that can be damaged by heat, directly on seats, beds, etc.

You may want to fix the problem and try it out. You may find you like it where it is located when it works.

Depending on the design of your system it may be best to first open the furnace bay to be sure the connection for that vent has not fallen off the furnace. That is what happened to mine.

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