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dabrooks 06-26-2019 07:59 PM

Serpentine belt and idler pulley replacement.
We have a 2013 Tiffin 35 QBA on a Ford F53 chassis. We bought it new in July of 2013. It has 90,000 miles on it. I decided to change the serpentine belt and and idler pulleys and also the tensioner.

I decided the easiest way would be to take the dog box off and remove the passenger seat. As it turned out that was the right approach. Everything was accessible from the top on that side. When I called the Ford dealer he used to last 8 digits of the vin# to look up the parts. It appeared to me that there were two idler pulleys but the parts diagram only showed one. I ordered the parts and they came in today.

When I got home and took the idler off, which is on the passenger side I could see that the idler I ordered was larger than the one that came off. I looked at the other pulley on the drivers side which I originally thought was an idler and it looked like the same size as the one that I just picked up. I took it off and indeed it was an idler pulley and had the same numbers stamped on it as the new one. I called the Ford dealer back and he looked again using my vin# and his diagram did not show an idler on the drivers side. He asked for the numbers stamped on smaller idler pulley and crossed them to a part number and said he had that in stock.

I took the smaller idler pulley with me and indeed it was the same as the one he had in stock. He told me that RV chassis have many things that don't always match with the vin# and it causes them problems.

When I got home everything bolted back up and I then went through the process of trying to get the belt threaded back through all the twist and turns. I finally got it back where it belonged and hopefully I have avoided a untimely break down.

I put the old parts in my spare parts tub which I carry.

Only four tools were required to do the belt and pulleys. A 1/2 drive 18 inch breaker bar, a 3/8 ratchet, a 13mm socket and a 10 mm socket.

iamblum 06-26-2019 08:22 PM

Nothing wrong with a little preventative maintenance

phil-t 06-27-2019 06:38 AM

Excellent, I did mine this spring before our travels started. Hoses as well.

winniman 06-27-2019 07:52 AM

I had a Ford van that the alternator went. The one I bought for it for the same year didn't match. The previous year, and the following year didn't match either. I guess Ford just had a batch of alternators sitting around, and decided to put them on these vans. I ended up just getting it rebuilt to save grief. Ford is famous for changing things in the middle of production runs.

CJ7ole 06-27-2019 11:56 PM

Looking at doing mine. Rock Auto lists a kit DAYCO KIT729BCK which includes a belt, tensioner and idler pulley for under $68. F53 2002-2007. Had a new belt installed 6,000 miles ago, but the shop says it is a goner due to a rusty idler pulley and a tensioner gone soft.

vettenuts 06-29-2019 07:35 AM

I did mine last summer, and since the removed parts were still okay, I put them in the basement for spares on the side of the road.

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