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imnprsd 07-05-2019 05:12 PM

SCS-Frigette Keyless Entry System (KES/RKE) Replacement TO Universal Avital 3100LS
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I hope this information helps you replace your SCS-Frigette Keyless Entry System (KES) with a $15-$30 Universal KES system.

All you need is a solder iron, shrink tubing, 2 relays, and the attached Wire Conversion Chart to make your life easier.

I think any owner can do this upgrade when they are armed with the attached information. So good RVing to you and I hope you enjoy using your new FOBs to lock and unlock your RV doors!


Background: Up until I created the attached report, I read countless confusing posts on how Winnebago used two different types of SCS-Frigette KES system from 2004-2009; and how Tri-mark (the door lock company) only offered a plug-in harness replacement for the later model 2004-2009 SCS-Frigette systems... at a tune of $290 in parts.

And so, if you add another $250 in labor, it's easy to understand why owners just don't use their FOB any more, because who wants to spend $500-$600 to upgrade their Keyless Entry System? (Not me!)

So I set out to find a better solution and for less. And now you know what I know: For $30 you can buy an Avital 3100LS + $10 in relays + $3 in shrink tubing at Harbor Freight you can do this job yourself!

Also to clarify reports: I found the only difference between the "Early" 2004 SCS-Frigette KES wire harness and the "Late" 2004-2009 wire harness is just this:

* On the later model SCS-Frigette KES wire harness... there is 1 additional wire. And this "Yellow Wire" goes to Pin #17, and it is used to supply a +5V signal to the external Key Pad.

* Vs. the the so called "Early" model 2004 SCS system that does not have a yellow wire, because these early model RVs did not come with an external Key Pad.

* All 2004-2009 SCS systems use the same FOB and 17-Pin harness. They also use identical wire colors; and wire functions for Pins 1-16 are the same. Therefore, I was able to construct a Wire Conversion Chart by comparing several documents into one. (See attached.)

NOTE: The attached .pdf documents are based on how I wired my "Early" model 2004 Itasca "Horizon" to an Avital 3100LX (4-Button FOB) KES. This also implies I do NOT have a Key Pad or a yellow wire the goes to Pin #17 on my SCS-Frigette wire harness.

==> So it would be nice if someone can amend these instructions to include Key Pad wiring to the Avital 3100. (Aka Viper 3100)


I think adding a Siren would be nice from a security point of view as well. Why? ...Because with a Siren added to your KES you can press the "*" Panic Button on the FOB and scare off any outside intruders/skunks and other animals if you get concerned when you are in the coach and cannot see what is outside of the RV. To do this you just need to add a SPDT relay. (Which will be easy for you to do after you read the attached report.)

Ray,IN 07-05-2019 09:37 PM

Thank you for your work! My keyless entry system died in 2013, the Camping World technician had to figure out the wiring differences himself after he was told it would not interchange. I have saved your pdf's to my computer JIC my system dies again.

imnprsd 07-21-2019 08:38 PM

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Originally Posted by imnprsd (Post 3843514)
I made a mistake labeling the Horn and Siren as (-) pulse triggers.

These functions are determined by the universal KES you choose. On the Avital 3100LX universal KES the Pin #10 (Brown) wire is a (+) trigger, but it is a low amperage output. Therefore, you need to add a relay in a standard configuration; and use the brown output wire to activate the relay core... so the relay can drive the siren (hot lead).

By that I mean: "What you put on relay pin #30 (+12v) you will get out on Pin#87 (+12v with high current drive)... when the coil side of the relay is switched-on by the low current brown wire Pin #10 coming out of the Avital KES.

See relay diagram attached.

I also show the wire harness I built using the Avital KES and 3 relays (2 for the cargo lock & unlock function; and 1 relay for the siren. I did not hook up the horn because I did not want the horn beeping when I lock the doors. I can hear them so I did not want to bother.)

... And note you can mount the Avital KES inside the metal shell of your old SCS-Frigette system and you can then attach it to the far rear wall. (Remember to turn the built-in motion detector adjustment screw CCW so it effectively does not work, because you don't need this function or a false alarm if you decide to activate the alarm and are walking around inside your RV.)

FINAL NOTE: This install is relatively simple with the Pin Conversion Chart. Just don't be afraid of opening up your piano hinge circuit breaker panel... and lifting the "rats nest" of 2" wiring harness wire behind the panel. Once you do you will see the SCS-Frigette KES mounted with 4-screws against the far wall... and the OEM wire harness will unplug so you can wire and solder in your new universal KES on the bench.

Don't live without a FOB any longer!


imnprsd 07-21-2019 08:43 PM

SCS-Frigette To Universal Keyless Entry System (By Avital)
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Attached is both a .pdf and a .jpg

imnprsd 11-01-2019 01:20 AM

Important Tips
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Important Tips When Selecting A Replacement KES
Sounds like there are a lot of SCS-Frigetted KES out there. Maybe they all use the same coach wiring (17 pin connector).

If you have combo lock next to your front door, then you will likely have 1 extra wire that connects to Pin #17 on your wire harness. And if you do not have a combo lock then Pin #17 will be a no connect (NC).


1) We decided to buy the Avital 3100 off Amazon, but you can use any keyless entry remote. .

* We found you can re-use the outer frame of your existing SCS-Frigette black box to hold the Avital KES in place.

* Just gut your old SCS mother board by splitting the case... and then use the outer shell to hold your new Avital KES in place.

* You will need to file the Avital down a bit to fit inside, but who cares. The important part is that you can mount your new Avital box against the rear metal wall using the same holes your SCS box used... right where it should go.

* Just drill a hole for your Avital antenna to fit.

Purchase suggestions:

Avital 3100XL:


Relay with wire harness included:

Fuse holder: (You only need one or two)

2) We also liked the small fobs in this Avital unit. They fit easily in our pocket.

3) We did not hook up the "horn" function because you can hear the fob lock and unlock your doors. And we did not want to hear the "chirps" when using the fob. And we did not want to wire another relay to enable this function.

Remember... all those tiny wires are mill-volt leads that need a relay to switch 12v power. So don't worry if all those sires on your new KEY look cheap.

4) You need to add 2 relays to your front door open function, because the SCS-Frigette KEY was designed with onboard relays to pulse 12v to open your door plunger. But your new Avital KES has low voltage outputs. So you need to add 1 relay for the "open" function; and a second relay for the "lock" function... and if I remember the front door plunger is "negative" edge triggered. So you need to wire your relay to compensate for this. (Not hard. You just need to know relays can be wired a number of ways. See our installation guide.)

5) We did buy and mount a Siren on the outside of the wire compartment. (Just drill a hole and fish a hot wire through... being sure you add additional tape round the part of the wire that goes through the hole to prevent vibration from shorting the wire out in the future. WE ALSO LIKE HAVING THE SIREN... and have on occasion used the "Panic" button on the fob to scare away skunks. Works well for other critters (and people) too.

6) We are not a fan of having to hold down 2-buttons on the fob at the same time to "LOCK" the corgo doors. And you don't have to enable this option on your new KES if you don't want to, but it is a plus.

If you elect not to wire your new KES to lock your cargo doors you can always use the lock button just inside your entry door.

Note: Universal KES remotes do not normally have a Trunk-LOCK function, because most trunks are manually shut. However, you may be able to program your Avital so that 1-button will lock the cargo doors. We did not go this route, because we found the Avital Installation Instructions to be VERY, VERY difficult to follow.

7) We recommend you read the tread we referred you to above... and then download the .pdf for information on how to add additional relays to your set-up to enable your Universal KES.

8) The best part: You can unhook your existing wire harness and nothing in your RV will be affected.

* This means you can use the wire conversion table we provide in our Installation Instructions to build a wire harness on your bench... with that mess of additional relays you will add.

** And don't be surprised if your SCS-Frigette label has different names to describe your pin functions. ...Trust me, they perform the same function. They just make it hard to understand for the average RV owner. VERY HARD. This is why no one has proposed a conversion table for over 15 years! (Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with one! And I'm no expert on car alarm systems.)

Besides, you can't hurt your existing wires if you make a mistake so long as you pay attention to your system (trigger) setup either being "+" or "-" trigger. And even then I don't think you can hurt your system because relays protect it. That's why they say, you if your door operate backwards you can just reverse polarity and they will work properly.

9) YOU WILL NOT USE ALL OF THE WIRES available in the Avital wire harness. These are for remote start and other functions you will not need.

Help For Pre-2004 Winnebago w/ SCS-Frigette Keyless Entry System aka Winne #102756-03

The picture blow shows the Avital 3100XL box stuffed inside the old SCS-Frigette outer shell... with a rats nest of relays we added for just the front door operation. However, if you want to enable the lock and unlock your cargo doors your will have 2 more relays, we did not show in this picture. (Note: The Cargo doors are 12v positive edge triggered. Just apply a momentary 12v pulse to your cargo door wire and it should open with out a relay, but you should add a relay anyway to protect the circuit for shorting out your KES in the future.)

** The Avital Installation Manual is attached, but I found the pin assignments and descriptions very hard to understand. But you can't go wrong if you follow the Wire Table we provided earlier.

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