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Grampatech 07-15-2019 03:18 PM

Alpine coach chassis battery charging
Hello, All!

I am looking at an Alpine coach for a friend. The house and chassis charging systems appear to be working properly, and the chassis batteries hold a charge. However, if the chassis disconnect switch is left on, the chassis batteries will go dead overnight.

The shore cord is plugged in, and the house batteries are charging in float. Is there a charge circuit built into the Alpine coaches that allows for chassis charging when the house batteries are charged (ie: echo charger)?

I pulled the access panel in the battery compartment and tested/inspected all of the circuits. The solenoid at the bottom of the "box" energizes when the engine is running and it ties the house and chassis batteries together.

SO, is something rotten in Denmark? Am I missing something, or is there just not a circuit to charge the chassis batteries off the house when the coach is plugged in?

MSHappyCampers 07-16-2019 09:43 AM

Hi ! Welcome to IRV2! We're sure glad you joined the gang! :dance:

I'm not familiar with Alpine coaches so can't offer suggestions on that problem! Have fun and keep her between the ditches!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

Gary RVRoamer 07-17-2019 08:27 AM

I don't recall for sure whether Alpines have an "echo charge" capability, but I think not. It's easy enough to add one, though, e.g. Amp-L-Start or Xantrex Echo Charge.

As for the chassis batters dying overnight, could be either bad battery (only takes a surface charge, which dissipates quickly) or some fair-sized amp load, e.g. the light under the entry step that some rigs have. Just have to hunt down the problem.

Ljwt330 07-17-2019 09:16 AM

My 2004 Alpine came with an Echo Charger which was later replaced by a PO, so I suspect that the rig you are inspecting has/had a system to charge the chassis batteries from shore power, but you need to confirm. Check the voltage to the batteries, then plug in to shore and see if the voltage increases to 13.5+ volts. If the voltage increases, there is a charge going to the chassis batteries.

That being said, the chassis batteries should not fully discharge "overnight" even if there is no charging from shore power. The two possibilities have already been mentioned--either the batteries (or just one) are bad and cannot hold a full charge, or there is a significant drain that needs to be addressed. You did state that the batteries "hold a charge," but it is not clear if you have actually tested the cells of the batteries to see. Personally, I suspect the batteries are bad as it would take large draw to kill the chassis battery bank overnight if it was fully charged and capable of holding a charge.

Do a little more investigating and update us, please.

RVPioneer 07-17-2019 12:40 PM


What Model year Alpine are we talking about here?

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