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flywithcoop 08-22-2019 09:55 AM

Solar Battery Maintainer size?
Looking for info on what wattage solar panel system I need to maintain my four house batteries while in long term storage. Roof mount or Portable is ok. I am now in the process of purchasing 4 new Trogan T-105 batteries and want to keep them charged over the winter while my RV is in storage lot. My original Tiffin supplied batteries are old and failing. I am in Columbus OH area.

Isaac-1 08-22-2019 08:14 PM

Short answer buy a 100-120 watt panel, this is likely over kill, but should work for you in worst case cloudy conditions. Kits with 100 watt panels, a PWM solar controller, 20-30 ft length of wire with MC4 connectors and mounting brackets can be bought on Amazon for about $150 from a number of importers, Renogy, NewPowa, Windy Nation, Eco-Worthy, etc.

flywithcoop 08-24-2019 04:51 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I have been looking at 100 watt panels so I am on the right track. thanks again.

richard5933 08-24-2019 04:58 PM

The available wattage is not the only factor to consider. The other is a charge controller which can properly manage the charging. You want to have the voltage going to the batteries correct according the manufacturer's recommendations for a float/storage charge. Not all solar charge controllers can do this at the correct voltage.

Isaac-1 08-24-2019 05:03 PM

True, but most of the import PWM controllers found with these bundles seem to do a fair job, certainly better than the shunt controllers they were selling 10 years ago. Sure a good MPPT controller would work better, but who wants to put a $75 - $100 charge controller on a $110 solar panel.

I have used a few of these for 100 - 150 watt off grid remote applications (remote wifi security cameras, wifi relays, remote gate openers, etc.) in the last few years, and baring lightning zaps, etc. they all seem to work. I have used these kits from Renogy, Newpowa and Eco-Worthy, generally I feel the first two are on par with each other, and Eco-Worthy is a step down in panel build quality (C channel on 2 sides, an L channel on 2 vs the other 2 using C channel all around).

p.s. I have also bought one bare HQST branded panel, which I would rate in the middle, design seemed sturdy enough, but build work was a bit sloppy.

C.Martin 08-24-2019 06:18 PM

I have eight 6v batteries and two 12v starting batteries. My DC system basically charges everyday off solar...Although I have 1,440 batteries are already floating before the sun gets high enough to produce more than about 400 watts.

I installed two 100w panels on my Dad’s rv that has two 6v batteries and it’s done a very good job. It is a very simple system with two 100w panels and a PWM controller. I rigged it with a switch to allow him to select charging the house or chassis as desired. I would imagine that 2 x 100w panels would make a very nice maintenance charging systems for your needs as well.

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