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lightsluvr 09-03-2019 08:21 PM

Electric Bay Overheating Fleetwood Expedition
The last two trips in our 2005 Fleetwood Expedition I noticed that the temperature in the "electric bay" (where the inverter, electric controls and 50a cord are located) has been very hot at the end of the day. Heat has been sufficient to "ripple" the bay door lining. The inverter doesn't seem to be the source of the unusual heat, but is no doubt not liking the high temps. Any suggestions where this heat is coming from? I usually drive with the generator running and both AC's operating. Thanks for any suggestions.

Tajfish 09-03-2019 11:00 PM

I would first check all electrical connections in that bay. Loose connections cause high amps which causes lots of heat. We used a ir heat gun to check electric panels for loose ones in commercial hvac equipment. Harbor Freight has one for about $30

paddler1954 09-04-2019 03:47 AM

If the heat is not coming from the Inverter/Converter then it would seem the problem has to do with the wiring to the transfer switches. I would suggest, pulling the cover to the box that houses the transfer switches and checking for loose/burnt connections. This is a serious condition that needs to be fixed ASAP, this is a fire hazard. On our old 08 Expedition this box was black and the 50A power cord went straight into it. Our transfer switch black box also had a digital display that indicated the condition of the incoming ACV. Before you remove the cover, be sure to kill all power going into this box. ie. unplug the 50A cord and/or kill the generator, turn off the Inverter. You do not want to work on these circuits live.

lightsluvr 09-04-2019 12:00 PM

Thanks for the thoughts.
Thanks for the suggestions. When I went out to look at the coach this morning, I noticed that the circuit breaker was "out" on the xantrex freedom 458 inverter. When I pushed the breaker to reset it, the "overheat/overload" red light began flashing. I turned the inverter off at the control panel and turned off the 50A power. I checked battery voltage and it had fallen below 12 volts, so I assume that the inverter had not been charging the batteries because of the circuit breaker. After a few minutes I turned 50A back on, followed by the inverter. The inverter is now charging both sets of batteries. The fan is running on the inverter and everything seems normal.

All this being said, is there anything external to this bay that might raise temperatures while driving? For example, is there an engine or exhaust component on the back side of this bay?
Thanks for the advice and knowledge.

lightsluvr 09-11-2019 10:24 AM

My RV Service guy came out Monday to look at the bay. He measured voltage coming out of the Xantrex Freedom 458 inverter at 14.6 volts. He called Xantrex CS and they suggested that there is a bad coach battery that may be causing heat and overcharging by the inverter. I was planning on replacing coach batteries before an upcoming long trip, so I went ahead and ordered the batteries. I'll report back after the batteries are changed out.

lightsluvr 09-11-2019 10:29 AM

Another thought
While I was under the coach looking around the inverter bay, I noticed that the CAT C7 muffler is located directly the bay. I started the engine and neither saw, heard nor felt any exhaust leak from the muffler. While we chase the inverter/ battery "rabbit", has anyone placed any type of insulating material on bays that are close to muffler or exhaust components?

Dale70 09-11-2019 11:28 AM

How close is close for the muffler?

If there is 6-8 inches you should be OK (barring a real leak in the system)

If the muffler is 3-4 inches maybe some insulation on the adjacent wall would help.

I would suggest putting a flat insulation on the wall near the muffler. Putting insulation on the muffler itself would be more difficult and could cause other issues.

I have personally not had that issue, since my system is totally different.,

thx Dale

lightsluvr 09-18-2019 02:24 PM

Replaced (4) four 6 volt deep cycle batteries. No measurable difference. Have an appointment in the morning with my Freightliner shop to check the muffler for any possible leaks. My service advisor will review bulletins on this topic.

lightsluvr 09-19-2019 09:56 AM

Mystery solved.
I took the coach to my Freightliner dealer (Premier truck Group, OKC) this morning. My service advisor looked at the muffler and found no holes. However, the is a 2" hole in the exhaust pipe leading from the turbo to the muffler. The leaking exhaust gas was blowing right on the back of the inverter bay. I'm waiting for a quote to replace the section of exhaust pipe.

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