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ACountryMile 09-20-2019 11:12 AM

2003 Jayco Escapade 24G, Ford 6.8 V10?
I'm looking for an inexpensive Class C to modify for boondocking and found this Jayco Escapade 28G with the Ford 6.8L V10 with 77,000 miles. They're asking $18,750.

It's one owner, always stored in a shed, everything works, new tires, leveling jacks, very clean, well maintained, etc.

What concerns would you have? How's the 2003 V10 and drive train history? Any known major issues with the tranny?

The only Ford rig I've had was a 1989 454 engine.

I've had other RV's so am not so concerned for the various electrical, water, etc. systems. I've repaired/replaced many.

Thanks for your insights!


twinboat 09-20-2019 11:48 AM

The 2003 was one of the years where the spark plugs occasionally blew out of the heads.
At the mileage that one has, if it didn't do it yet, it probable wont, unless someone replaces them and under or overtightens them.
There are eazy fix kits out there anyway.

Otherwise there isn't any big red flages on that engine and 4 speed transmission.

avfordguy 09-20-2019 10:52 PM

V10 and 4 r 100 trans combo is about as bullet proof as you can get, check/ smell trans fluid, bright red and smells like oil if dark and smells funky walk....

Waiter21 09-21-2019 05:00 AM

Thats a good engine and transmission. 17 years old and 77k miles. This is what I do:

Inspect exhaust manifold for broken studs. document what you see. consider fixing

Transmission fluid and filter, flush and fill. I use the cooling return line method

Change spark plugs and COPS, Torque the new plugs (Autolite APP103) to 23 ft lbs

Inspect front and rear brake pads, they usually wear out at the same rate.

front wheel bearing re-pack, new seal

fluid change in differential (Replace the speed sensor if you have one on the top of the differential.)

THenne1713 09-21-2019 09:31 PM

CHECK NADA RV VALUES, and if visual OK, then hire inspector before discussing $$?

ACountryMile 09-23-2019 02:18 AM

I appreciate all the feedback - this forum is so valuable when others share their first-hand knowledge of things here.


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