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Bigrig2 09-20-2019 10:17 PM

Slide pinching issue
Have a slide issue I hope that someone can help with. Have a minor amount of pinching happening @ the upper forward corners of both slides on the passenger side.

I always move slides @ ride height on our '17 Cornerstone, both in and out.

Called Entegra service around 11:30am today (Friday) and spoke to a customer svc person. Emailed him some pics of the slides, near the almost closed pinch point, which he confirmed he received and stated he would get back to me shortly. It's 10:30pm (Friday) right now, we have not heard back from him or anyone else @ customer svc, and we are due to leave this area tomorrow am. We will therfore need to get the slides in for travel by then.

Knowing the vast knowledge that exists on this forum I am hopeful for some suggestions on how to avoid this pinch situation and get my slides in for travel.

Thank you in advance for any help / suggestions.

Matt D 09-21-2019 05:16 AM

I know this isnít typically the procedure, but can you use your jacks to create less binding?

I would manually extend a pair of jacks and fiddle around to see if you can twist the coach just a tad to be able to pull the slides.

It may take different Jack positions to permit both slides to move.

I would also babysit each slide as it came in to ensure it isnít scraping the slide opening edges as it comes in, particularly on the side opposite your concern. If you increase the gap on one side, the other side will reduce.

Iím sorry you got less than the expected help from CS. I have had a mixed bad of luck with that sort of thing.

Good luck,


Gary.Jones 09-21-2019 06:47 AM

Never had that problem..... could you post the same pix that you sent Entegra?

Also, get back on the phone and call them again..... some reps are really good about calling back and others not so much and not a lot of them would have any real knowledge about your problem and would need to consult some old timers.

If I could see what you are up against, that would help (thus the pix). Matt's ideas seem potentially good. Sorry I cant be more help at this point.


Bigrig2 09-21-2019 07:29 AM

6 Attachment(s)
Gentlemen, I was thinking the same but wanted to ask the forum 1st.

These pics where taken @ ride height having just been run inward stopping just short of binding in the upper right (forward) corners.

I will be trying the jack idea shortly

Thank you for your responses, new ideas gladly accepted.Attachment 261018Attachment 261019Attachment 261020Attachment 261021Attachment 261022Attachment 261023

Gary.Jones 09-21-2019 07:38 AM


Still not sure I know the answer, but help me focus. From the pix it looks like the aft edge of the slide is wider at the top of the slide than the bottom, and on for forward edge, the slide is tighter (pinching) to the wall than the bottom of the forward edge.... right?

Also, in a couple of the pix, the bottom edge of the slide seems lower than the wall of the coach opening. Although this is a completely different logic, is it possible that the front edge of the slide has come up on something left on the floor like a rug or something forgotten that is distorting.... Look with a flashlight at the rollers that are running on your floor and make sure there is nothing unseen there that is pushing them up.


Flanz 09-21-2019 07:51 AM

Wow, unless this is some sort of optical allusion, if you look at the paint lines of your coach you can see that the slides are riding high. I think Gary maybe onto something with the slides riding up on something. Iíd make sure that the slide rollers are riding on the floor as suggested.

Bigrig2 09-21-2019 08:35 AM

Good am Gary & Flanz,

Good news, got the slides in without incident on jacks.

Maybe the angle of picture taking creates the optics of the slide being lower, idk. The floor is clear of any foriegn objects.

Good news is slides are in and we are ready to roll.

Thanks for the suggestions / advice. This forum is awesome!

Gary.Jones 09-21-2019 08:41 AM

Matt gets the flower :smitten:


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