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damonflyer 09-27-2019 12:26 AM

Knocking sound in full slide out wall
I have a 2020 Vista 31BE. While driving (slide in) there is an annoying sound behind the driver’s seat wall that sounds like a mallet hitting wood. At first I thought it was my window shade rocking. Then, I suspected the buckle that holds up the overhead bed was swinging. I have had someone else drive while I got back there to find the source. I even took the bench seat out since there are seat belts hanging on the floor. They were secure. The wall mounted TV is secure. Has anyone else heard anything similar? Murphy’s Law says that I could drive all day with a technician onboard and it won’ do it.

Unplanned 09-27-2019 01:53 PM

Any chance it's your slide awning? I had mine rolling out and snapping back in while driving in a serious side wind. It got so bad it broke the "anti unfurl" bracket.
I have since made a new bracket out of stainless steel. Much stronger than the original aluminum one.
It could also be your window awning if you have one on that side.
Happy Glamping.

MinnieSandy 09-30-2019 01:39 AM

OK I have a vista 29ve with a full slide that had the same problem with that sound and it took my dealer six months to figure it out and they found out what it was by accident. So I will try to explain what they did. it was air getting trapped in the slide out so every time you went over a bump it made the thumping sound. So what the did was cut a couple of notches out of the swiper seal to let the air out. And it solved the problem. The tech accidentally pushed the seal with his hand when they were driving over some speed bumps trying to solve the issue. Now the sound is gone and its a pleasure to drive. I would bet my life on it being the problem. They pretty much took my RV apart before finding it and they also added two more brackets on the slide out topper thinking it was bouncing on the centre support. Good Luck Let me no how it goes.

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