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Richarddjr 09-28-2019 03:17 PM

RV to Alaska
I am wanting to know if there is anyone over 76 who has driven to Alaska from Texas. I am 79 and would appreciate any input. I plan on driving in April 2020.

Tee Jay 09-28-2019 10:44 PM

Does 78 and 75 work? Not Texas, Arizona. About 4,000 miles one way, takes a week or more just traveling. Made the trip the last 13 years. Roads are decent, people are pleasant, RV parks are gravel and 30 amp. There will be some construction or repair, some pilot car places, some dumb auto stoplight traffic control, and some areas where they are watering the gravel for compaction. Some years there is snow in May north of Ft Nelson in the Rockies, other years not. Think of it as a long drive on State and County roads.

twogypsies 09-29-2019 04:05 PM

I'm not sure what your concern is. If you're still RVing and driving is o.k. for you then you can easily do the trip. You'll see many your age doing the trip. They drive all sizes and types of RVs from the smallest to the biggest.

Look for information on border crossing regulations. There's also a web site that lists all the crossing places and their hours. Read all you can and read others' blogs.

Don't think of it as a long trip with miles of driving. Break it down in your mind to multiple short trips tacked together. For instance, make the route from Texas to Montana or wherever you want to cross. Then make another route maybe up to Banff and Jasper. Then another route from there to Dawson Creek - the beginning of the Alaskan Highway, and so forth.

The best way to do this trip is to plan for all summer. Plan to cross into Canada around the end of May and plan to leave Alaska the end of August.

Go up on the Alaskan Highway and return on the Cassier Hwy.

Run on the top 1/2 of your fuel tank. Don't expect to shop for the cheapest price - just get it.

There are so many helpful people on the roads both those who live along the route and travelers, such as you.

Get the Milepost for history and maps. Keep it open daily to read.

Get Mike & Terri Church's book 'Alaskan Camping' which will include Canada and the Yukon. That's the only guide you'll need. Good information on RV parks, public campgrounds (Yukon has some very nice ones along with Canada's Provincial parks) and they even give ideas for boondocking spots.

The only reservations me made for the whole trip was for the July 4 weekend (Alaskans like to camp, too) and for 5 nights in Teklanika campground in Denali Nat'l Park. For those we only made the reservation a few weeks prior when we could better judge when we'd be there. Don't make a summer full of reservations. Schedules are hard to keep on this trip. Pull in early afternoon and you'll get a site.

It's not a fast, interstate-type of trip. Sometimes you'll even be going around 40mph or slower. The roads are very good but just like in the lower 48 there will always be construction.

You can't get lost. Everyone will be going to the same places once you get on the Alaskan Highway. We even met up with the same folks in campgrounds time after time.

I hope you do it!

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