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JerryTaylor 10-10-2019 05:29 PM

I am driving a 2005 Pace Arrow. I have never had any question about age of the coach. I expect that a coach that looks like it is falling apart may be subject to scrutiny.

Swymmer 10-10-2019 05:33 PM

Only 10 years old?
I gotta share this story...
My Brother-in-law Bill did a really cool "Barn Find". Seems a guy that hired him to do a home remodel had a NEVER USED all original 1972 Winnebago Class A tucked away under tarps in his barn! The guy was too big to comfortably get through the RV door so he never drove it. The RV had only 1100 miles on it, put on by the factory delivery driver!
The RV was spotless, had the original clear coat shine and original plastic on the toilet and mattress.
After Bill got it R&R'd with fresh gas and filters, etc. he asked one of the "high-end RV parks near his home if he could stay for a weekend. They looked at the pictures and then drove to Bill's home to look in person. They not only invited him to stay they arranged for a magazine spread to be photoed!
Everywhere he went the RV drew a crowd. He even showed at several classic car shows!

richard5933 10-10-2019 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by BLPTers (Post 4991663)
We're park owners with an over night park. We get all kinds pulling in & frankly it can be scary seeing what people are driving/pulling. Here's my recommendation - find a RV inspector who's qualified to rate your older campers. We recently had a tiny home pull in for a few days - she got a little peeved that I asked if she had it RVIA inspected and placarded, but turns out she did. If she hadn't we would not have allowed her to come here. The reason is the effect faulty equipment can have on our water, sewer & electric systems. It's as much for you safety as it is for ours. We get a lot of renovated older campers and tin cans (LOVE THEM!) but we always recommend they get a new placard if they haven't done so.
Ok - no one wants a junker in their park but the biggest worry is that your campers are in good working order - you expect the same from us as well.

And some parks are just snobby!

Where does one get an older RV inspected and placarded like you're talking about? I thought that RVIA only does inspections at the manufacturer's location, not on older RVs. I do see where there are NRVIA certified inspectors, but the two organizations don't appear to be the same thing. Some more information would be helpful, as I'd consider getting our coach inspected and placarded if it would help.

docj 10-10-2019 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by JerryTaylor (Post 4991676)
I am driving a 2005 Pace Arrow. I have never had any question about age of the coach. I expect that a coach that looks like it is falling apart may be subject to scrutiny.

We drive a 2000 Beaver. Even though we're going to do a partial repaint this winter, most people think it is nearly new. No one has ever asked us its age.

Billcmo 10-10-2019 05:51 PM

Most of the parks that would not let you into the park if you were 10 years old or high end RV Resorts. This is the minority of parks. So it should not be a problem. Just take care of your coach and keep it clean and waxed. If buying used make sure to get caught up on all the maintenance and make sure you have new tires. Good idea to get someone to inspect it for you before you buy also so you know what works and what needs fixing. Happy Trails! RVing is fun. BTW, we have owned two Tiffins and drive one now. Love the product.

BellOnWheels 10-10-2019 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by tcg (Post 4980804)
Never will understand why the misfortune of others is amusing.

I'm not sure that was an "in use" RV. My guess is it was on it's way to a junk yard for recycling. Certainly it should not be on the road, if for no other reason than the safety of others. So not likely any Scadenfreude here, just a humorous exaggeration of the 10 year rule.

edaa53 10-10-2019 06:12 PM

Exclusive Resort
Unless you want to go to a exclusive resort - one that comes to mind is Blue Water south of Marathon. Don't be concerned. I have a 2006 5er - nice rig - NuWa Discover America. Another exclusive was in Everglades.

craigtoups 10-10-2019 06:15 PM

We bought a 2008 Tiffin 32 foot deisel puller. Have had no issues all summer all over Washington State in private and State parks. We love it.

Glensouth 10-10-2019 06:17 PM

Been motorhoming 23 years and never asked the age of my coach. See some of the other post about maintaining your coach

robertkathy 10-10-2019 06:29 PM

The wife and i have been in the rv since june and it is an 06 we have yet to be denied access to a park and most have the rule

titan85rv 10-10-2019 06:41 PM

That was my thought as well
I have a old RV and just got back from az went 7 states, i thought the same thing when i baught my first RV but no problems at all, but some have requirements like a poop tub riser, bring extra water filters they tend to fill up faster at some of the fill up stations. And milk n butter can be harder to find in some places at inexpensive prices. oh and mud flaps are required in AZ.
Call ahead for most places they will save you a spot if it's a popular area. Boon dock is always better unless you need hookups.

jamesham 10-10-2019 06:50 PM

Not really a problem
Yes, a few private parks have and enforce the 10 year rule. Some parks around Naples, FL not only have the age limit but also will only accept Class A large bus-type Class C, TT, and 5th wheels.

But we have a 1996 Class C and have never found age discrimination to be a big problem. Most RV park personnel have no idea how old an RV is because they fail to recognize even obvious things like the van-design-grille on a Class C. So you can call it whatever you want because we have never been asked for license and registration paperwork to prove it.

You will find private parks trying to enforce the 10 year rule during snowbird season in FL and AZ because they are full and can sell every space they have, therefore they can be picky. If you have no body damage, keep it clean and waxed, it is not an issue. Compared to some of the rental coaches that are rolling billboards, an older motorhome that has been cared for is a gem. In many campgrounds there are older junk trailers that look like they died there, and that drags down the entire park. Look at the KOA in Naples, FL as an example.

Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World is possibly one of the best campground in the USA, and they NEVER ask age of RV. State and Federal parks have some length restrictions, but never ask age.


Originally Posted by Phillieagle (Post 4979700)
I am new to the group and looking to purchase a Class A Motorhome. What are experiences of this 10 year rule. Thanks

904Dave 10-10-2019 07:21 PM

We have a 12 year old coach and have never been declined by a campground or high end motor coach resort. You get a lot for your money with a gently used 8-10 year old diesel coach. We had a gas rig for 12 years and have been running our diesel about a year. We wish we had moved up sooner, there’s a big difference. Enjoy your adventure.

GORD CURRIE 10-10-2019 07:21 PM

Older than 10 years

Originally Posted by Phillieagle (Post 4979700)
I am new to the group and looking to purchase a Class A Motorhome. My wife and I want to travel the US for 12 to 18 months after we retire. We have been looking at many different motor homes and like the Tiffin homes. Our question is we have read and been told many campgrounds do not let Coaches in that are over 10 years old. To get into a Diesel we would probably be looking at coaches that are 10 or more when we actually start traveling. We have found a coach that we like and can afford of the 2013 vintage. Of course with Gas we could get into a newer coach. What are experiences of this 10 year rule. Thanks

I have a 2005 Travel Supreme Select 45DS04 and have phoned some parks that have the 10 year rule in BC and found their rent is so high I would not stay there anyway. Get a Coach that has lots of Battery Power and a Good Genset Than camp where ever you want to stop. My Coach has 8 6Volt for the house and 2 12 volt for starting my 500 HP Cummins ISM Engine. This Travel Supreme is all electric and the big House hold Fridge runs for over 16 hrs before I start my 12500 KW Genset to charge Batteries while cooking or using the Heat pumps or Air Conditioning. The Best is to drive in and show them how good your MH looks and than they might over look their Rule but check their rates cause the rates are getting so high there iS no sense owning a Motor Home unless it is self contained and you can say to hell with the Parks just park where it is FREE!!!!

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