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The Logans 11-05-2019 05:47 PM

Coach House RV
This is the Dear Wife posting, as shortly after Hubby's last post on 3/28/2018, Hubby had a stroke on 4/08/2018.
Life has been full of ups and downs since then - we traded in our 2018 Jayco Alante 31V for a 2019 Jayco Alante 31V in Mar 2019 - to give us 2 years of new warranty to make an informed decision as to who, what, when & where our Camping life was going to take us.
Hubby's stroke has left him unable to read and therefore driving is not an option for him or us...
I've decided that I just don't and won't feel comfortable driving the Jayco Alante 31V so we have been looking at Class B+ RVs...
The big problem is that JAYCO (our preferred company) no longer makes a Class B+. IN FACT, hardly anyone does now...

After lots of internet searches and contacting our local dealer to maybe Broker a deal for us (which they unfortunately were unable to do)...

We've decided to go with the Coach House Platinum 271 which will be more like driving our Ford F150.
HOWEVER, I was wondering if there is anyone here on the Forums who has or has had a Coach House RV and how you liked it and what you thought of the Coach House RV company.

Thanking you in advance,
The Dear Wife...

I had posted this under General Discussions but was told I might get more responses under Class C Motorhomes... Thank you

Winterbagoal 11-05-2019 06:02 PM

No such thing as a B+, only class/type B, or a small class/type C, as per the RVIA RV classifications. The mythical "B+" is a figment of the imaginations of some manufacturers and unscrupulous sales persons who want you to believe you're getting something small, like a van conversion, but in a larger package, because some people don't want a "class C" for whatever reasons.
The small class C unit you've chosen looks fine to me. Much like a Leisure Travel C which also have good reputations.

FlaCats 11-05-2019 07:40 PM

Coach House motor homes have a very good reputation & you should be pleased with your choice. I like that they've made many features "included" instead of having an "options checklist" the size of a dictionary. And also pleased that they still offer Ford chassis & not just the 'dreaded' Mercedes Sprinter chassis. (Okay, maybe just our ex-Sprinter C fell into the citrus fruit basket)The used Coach Houses we see for sale disappear before we even get the chance to call for more info! On some sizes the exterior storage is limited but have yet to see an interior that didn't use every inch of space wisely.
As for referring to them as a B+, some local dealer websites have added that category to their search filters. While it might not be technically correct it gives you the idea that you'll be looking at a more aerodynamic looking C without the bunk over, possibly a narrower body & often shorter exterior height.
Best wishes to you in your future travels.

youracman 11-06-2019 12:11 AM

Google is your friend. Try "Coach House RV Reviews". You will find almost all reviews are very positive. Many posters currently own their 2nd CH ...... sez a lot.

I did find just a couple of reviews that said the shell was outstanding but the cabinets left something to be desired; they were the "usual" vinyl over fiberboard and did not hold up all that well. Those reviews were about 15 years old or so; may not be applicable today.

Hope you find a rig that fits your situation.

Good times, and safe travels.

1982 11-06-2019 08:33 PM

We've had our Platinum 271 for three years now. Nothing to complain about.

Ron Dittmer 11-07-2019 09:57 AM

Coach House is one of the top brands so odds are in your favor that you are buying an excellent rig.

For whatever the reason, cost, limited stock, whatever, and you are considering other brands, the Phoenix Cruiser is a good runner-up.

I absolutely love the seamless structure of a Coach House, but the price is a hard pill to swallow for many people. Yet you get what you pay for. I think we would have bought one in 2007 if not for the price, and it ended up being too tall for our 10 foot garage door. We spent half as much on this Phoenix Cruiser 2350, special-ordered in 2007.

Isaac-1 11-09-2019 09:16 PM

I would encourage you to try driving what you have, I assume you have driven it very little. I know when I bought my current similar size coach I had never driven a class A before, and it did take some getting used to. The first hundred or so miles was terrifying, but by the time I got it home (about 1,100 miles), I was starting to relax and enjoy the trip, I found this starting to happen somewhere around the 800-900 mile point. Every hundred or so miles of experience of that drive made my driving comfort level increase significantly. Now 14,000+ miles later it is no big deal to drive. The B+ coaches you are looking at are really not that much smaller than what you have now, maybe 6-10 inches narrower, 6-10 inches shorter in height and 4-5 feet shorter in overall length. They are still big boxes going down the road, just they have more area above your head, and over your shoulder on the sides, so a lot of it is the physiological seating position and viewpoint.

Unicorn Driver 11-09-2019 09:20 PM

I second what Issac has posted.

Ron Dittmer 11-10-2019 09:35 AM

And I "3rd" it. Even our little 24 foot long B+ towing our Liberty requires a driver-warm-up period. For me, every time I start out for the first drive of the RV season, the first 10 minutes is a bit unnerving. But I come back quickly.

TexasProud 11-11-2019 08:43 PM

When I look at the specs for the Coach House built on the E450 chassis, it shows the length of the bed as 72". At 6 ft, I find my feet hanging over the edge of a 74" bed in an RV. For the price that CH is charging, they need to provide a bigger bed.

The Logans 11-12-2019 12:05 AM

Thanks so much for all of your replies... we've already placed our order and our new RV should be ready late Jan - early Feb.

JerryP 11-12-2019 12:56 AM

We had a 272 for a while. It is a very well made coach. Very few rattles. They had pretty good phone tech support. Their parts department is good also.

One issue we had was that there was a pretty long overhang behind the rear wheels. It seemed to drag without a lot of effort. A set of heavy duty drag wheels would help.

Good luck.


JerryP 11-12-2019 01:05 AM

I had another thought about driving your Coach House. If you drive it a while and are still concerned about the driving characteristics, there are a lot of things that you can change in the suspension to improve driving. When I had my Coach House, I did not know about these options yet.

You can change shocks, add steering stabilizers, get heavier sway bars or add Kelderman or Liquid Spring suspensions. I learned about most of those things when I was trying to get F53 based motorhomes to handle better.

Good Luck.


Playinthru 11-13-2019 07:03 PM

I own a Coach House 241 xl platinum which is a Mercedes chassis,so I canít address the Ford chassis. Three years and 36k with only minor coach issues and just a few Mercedes problems. Iíve never been back to the factory and I live in Florida. Expensive and well made and if you have to sell you can. Go to the factory, then go to the Tampa Super Show and compare. I bought mine at Tampa. Discounts are minimal but you will do the best you can do if You like a show vehicle they havenít sold.

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