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GTonthemove 11-15-2019 05:04 PM

Michigan to New Orleans advice
HI all
Heading out next month and looking for advice and recommendations for
31 ft motor home with a toad
Rv sites in and around New Orleans
Things we should do and not miss
Thanks in advance

rk911 11-15-2019 05:40 PM

where in michigan?

Itchytoe 11-15-2019 06:30 PM

It depends on where you are in Michigan. If you're in the Upper Peninsula, I'd probably head down to Chicago then take I-57 to I-55. That would take you straight to New Orleans If I recall correctly. If you're in the Lower Peninsula, head to Indianapolis, then take I-65 to I-59 down in Birmingham. I-59 should also get you practically all the way there, just from the other side.

While you're in New Orleans, take an airboat tour of the swamps. Not many places use airboats so it will likely be a unique experience. There's also an extremely long bridge over Lake Pontchartrain. It's about 24 miles long. There's a stretch of about 8 miles where you can't see land in any direction because of the curvature of the Earth. It's the longest continuous bridge over water in the world and proves Flat Earthers wrong at the same time! What could be better than that?

GTonthemove 11-16-2019 08:19 AM

West Mi

MidMichHunte 11-16-2019 08:28 AM

If you havenít hit the WWII museum in NOLA, do it and plan on a long day if not 2. Of course youíll need to take the toad or Uber to it, no way Iíd want to drive an RV there.

Canít give you recommendations on the drive of places to stay, waiting on ours to be built.

SummitPond 11-16-2019 08:41 AM

We moved away from NOLA 20 years ago and only returned for a short visit soon after Katrina, so my recommendations may not be up to date.

For food, avoid the "big named" overpriced places (like Galatoires or Commander's Palace) and concentrate on the little dives that natives frequent. One of our favorites was Deanie's near the 17th Street Canal in Bucktown. Morning Call is a less touristy (thus less expensive) beignet place. Mother's is basically a sub shop; it's downtown. Central Grocery in the Quarter is another interesting dining spot for lunch. The Gumbo Shop down near Jackson Square is not necessarily inexpensive, but locals do frequent it and it provided a better meal for the money than other restaurants in the area.

The zoo (in Uptown) and the aquarium (down on the river by the Quarter) were very nice. The WW2 museum opened after we left, but I understand it is phenomenal. Also down in the Quarter is The Cabildo, a State museum. It's right on Jackson Square; lots of touristy things in that area.

Mass transit used to be very good in NOLA. If you found a campground on or near a transit route you would not have to worry about finding parking in the Quarter (it used to be very expensive).

There was a paddleboat excursion to the Chalmette Battlefield (War of 1812). And there are always music festivals going on in the area.

Enjoy your stay. Be safe!

F76Marion 11-17-2019 11:10 AM

We haven't been into NOLA so long that I won't add anything about the city, we did love the art museum and its gardens.

If you look at maps, you will see that I-65 can take you from Gary to Nashville. About the southwest area is the head for the Natchez Trace. There are three reasons to consider running the Trace. First is 440+ miles of moderate speed and ZERO cross traffic. Second is the Historical Markers about every other mile (Yes, 200+ of them). Third will be the scenery which will be pretty good with the trees bare. I am told that during the season, it is a long tunnel of trees.

You may choose to divert into Vicksburg if you are a history person.

If you can find, borrow or beg the book before departure do so.

About mile 385 (they count south to north - so about 60 miles for the trail head) is the Merriwether Lewis park, stop and campground, you can probably get one there if you did not already.

The speed limit is low, but it is a two lane road and it is patrolled.

Enjoy the drive. We plan to run it this next spring on out way south.


GTonthemove 11-18-2019 08:52 AM

Thanks all

leesimonson 01-01-2020 12:45 PM

We traveled from Minneapolis to NO in April 2019 and stayed for a week. Bayou Signet State Park is close to NO and was very nice. 50A and water but no sewer. I would stay there again. Plan your trip during one of the many French Quarter celebrations; there are many during the year. We met up with some local friends and two local restaurants they took us to were Jack Dempsey's and Mandina's. We also drove the the end of the Mississippi river because we had been to the start of it in MN the year prior. Plantation tours are also something most people enjoy.

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