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outbackmac 11-18-2019 06:17 PM

2013 Coachmen Mirada
Whats the quality of coachman class a mirada?

N50486 11-21-2019 04:31 PM

Feb 2018 we bought a 2013 Coachman Mirada 32 DS because it ticked all the boxes for us. We found the manufactures quality very good. While we worked through some small workmanship issues from the previous owner, the only items we can contribute to the manufacturer is the hole in the floor for the gray water drain was either cut wrong or the tank shifted shearing off the elbow into the tank and draining onto the top of the tank. I expanded the hole and re-plumbed. We also had the front AC unit trip the breaker a few times until I looked and found the supply wire at the breaker had never been tightened and was just touching inside. Replaced breaker and tightened.
The Naugahyde material on the Captain chairs failed (as they all do eventually) and required replacement with a better quality fabric. We'll do the couch after Christmas for the same reason. Outside of those, we found everything else is good quality material and workmanship. Roof is strong and doesn't leak, the slide racks are heavy duty compared to a 2015 that I saw in a camp that was giving the owner fits. Its hard to spot defects when buying, we looked at the rig three times trying to make sure our blinders were off each time, we asked lots of questions and wanted to see everything work before making the deal.

Teamfoxy 11-26-2019 07:55 AM

We have owned our 2011 Mirada 32DS for 9 months, traveled 8000 miles in it and are pretty happy with it. Lazydays had taken it in trade and put new tires on it, reupholstered all the furniture, and serviced the appliances.
I have not had to do anything, other than routine maintenance, and an fairly impressed by the way wires and plumbing are run. No problems with any of the cabinetry at all and we have traveled some fairly rough roads. Coachmen did a good job with the weight distribution and the coach rides and handles well with none of the suspension modifications that owners of other manufacturers coaches swear are necessary.

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