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markpow423c 11-20-2019 03:31 PM

2006 Country Coach Intrigue 530 Water Leak in Drivers Side Slide
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A few weeks ago we had our coach out for the week and ended up being caught in a heavy rain storm with some moderate winds. During the storm we were away from the coach, however when we returned we had a steady stream of rain water coming into the coach. The water was pooling on top of the interior slide ceiling material and exiting at the trim line (see picture below). You can see some water damage to the wood veneer in the picture. It does not leak when the slide is in the "In" position.. Initially I thought the rain had blown under the slide topper and was coming in via the seals, however, after the rain stopped and the sun came up, I looked under the slide topper and it was dry.

Any suggestions as to where I should start looking for the leak?

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Smitty77 11-20-2019 04:32 PM

Take a close look along the parameter of the top edges, all the way around. The stress of the slide going in/out can loosen the seal of the joints. Some coaches also have a top metal angle piece, where the roof and the sides of the slide come together, and the seal along those can pop loose too. (Ours top and bottom angle pieces, have had the riveting and resealing process done, about 6 years ago.)

If it helps, we had our corner seal/caulking, black in our case, spring a leak this year. Took me two tries to find it, and we had water in our wood pieces and also running down the side of the slide into the corner of the carpet. Ours happened to be on the front furthest from the side of the coach slide corner. I did not want to use EternaBond on the area, and normal tape had a hard time sticking to the sealant/caulking they used at the factory. I finally found some Flex Seal Tape at a hardware store, and cleaned back a goo 8" onto the roof from each side of the corner. And and ran the tape along the full area, and up onto the about 1" side of the slide that protruded above the slide roof top. That stuck pretty good, and then I even went another 6" or so beyond where I feel the leak was, and used overlapping gorilla tape attached to the Flex Seal table. Almost a full 16-18" square of tape, working it's way away from that front leading edge corner.... Kept us dry until Premier RV Service visit, and they fixed properly.

We used heaters for days in that corner, to dry the both the carpet and the wood. I also pulled the puck lights down out of the wood overhead cabinets, to allow the area to breath. And used the wires Hair Dryer to up into the puck light holes, to do a more rapid drying. Finished up with a spray of bleach, to knock out any mold or dry rot from starting up. We were fortunate, as though we did get a small area of water leaching thru the wood, once it was all dried I used Howards Finish Restorer, and then followed up a few days later with the Howards Wax & Feed (Think that's the name.). I know where the area was, but it's 95%+ back to normal, and most people would not even notice it...

Pure luck, that I was sitting in the recliner reading a book, when is started to hear a 'drip, drip' sound that was new... Once I determined what was going on, I pulled the slide in for the rest of that days storm. So we prevented too much water damage from occurring...

Best of luck to you, and let us know what you find out, as it could help others in the future!!

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Jubilee 45 11-20-2019 05:06 PM

When we purchased our oh six we needed to have some of the seals replaced and others reinforced. We also had the toppers replaced. Also, when extending the slides, once they are out and stop, hold the button for another second to lock the slide in place at the stop. Refer to your operating manual. Beyond that, not sure how I can help. Good luck!!

CountryFit 11-20-2019 05:28 PM

Very typical. A couple years ago I saw a "for sale" 07 Intrigue which had an identical water damage on the same spot. At the time I wondered that CC didn't use real cherry but veneer, at least on that part.

The problem you have is on the joint of flat-top of the slide and the vertical panel (what shows on your photo). Rain will get on the flat-top, and run around especially with wind from front or tail. There is a rubber seal on the outer edge of the wall above the slide and for the length of the slide, however it's more like a squeegee but will not be tight enough to stop water getting in. What you can do is to re-caulk the joint thoroughly and entirely. Good luck.

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