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Tmbucktoo 11-30-2019 03:59 PM

I have a 2006 f-53 v-10 class A, my odometer went dead, Speedometer sporadic, gains speed, then pegged at over 100 mph., anyone experience this. Everything else on cluster works fine, tranny shifts fine, cruise works fine

Waiter21 11-30-2019 04:17 PM

Use your OBDII and the Torque app to verify speed is ok. You may have a bad cluster.

avfordguy 11-30-2019 11:04 PM

If trans shifts normal and cruise works ok, issue is in the cluster,as they all get the same signal, remove connectors on backside if cluster and clean and reseat connections

PbdBlue 12-01-2019 09:22 AM

Most likely the speed sensor has gone south. It's a common failure. In your year rig I think it's located on the differential housing.

givemeaboost 12-02-2019 01:29 PM

Does anybody rebuild these clusters ? Mine has a problem with returning the trip meter to zero. Thew last few times it took about 50 or so pushes before it zeroed.


Waiter21 12-02-2019 02:21 PM

I've never had it done, but I googled Ford F53 instrument cluster repair and a bunch come back. One in particular was right at $200 for a rebuild. all ne servos, etc.

1999-2000 Ford RV Stripped Chassis F53 Instrument Cluster Repair


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