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sdesha 12-02-2019 08:26 AM

Auto Level
Greetings Entegra Family,

well had a pretty good Thanksgiving, got back to Slidell LA, with the same dollar amount I left with, so I broke even.

Followed the below directions:

Extending the slides - full air up to ride height, then auto level.

I did that and the coach is level front to back but not side to side.

I have a level that I use to double check how level the coach is. The coach level is leaning to the passenger side.

I tried to manually extend the rear jacks, but it does not appear to do anything.

The problem I have is that the shower water puddles in the corner and the satellite distorts.

Cousin Ed 12-02-2019 08:57 AM

The slides don't want level; they want "Ride Height" to operate. That's in or out. Have the coach at ride height to move the slides. After they are out use the auto level.

buddy110 12-02-2019 09:09 AM

I've owned three coaches. None of them have leveled properly. My procedure is to let auto level get it close, then fin tune it using the manual mode. Just my .02

sdesha 12-02-2019 09:11 AM

I did it backwards, now my question is, I am in my site, the slides are out and the jacks are down and I am level front to back but not side to side.

Can I air up, retract the jacks and auto level again? do I dump the air at all after the process in completed?

The goal is to be level front to back and side to side.


buddy110 12-02-2019 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by sdesha (Post 5060207)
I did it backwards, now my question is, I am in my site, the slides are out and the jacks are down and I am level front to back but not side to side.

Can I air up, retract the jacks and auto level again? do I dump the air at all after the process in completed?

The goal is to be level front to back and side to side.


Are you pushing the side buttons to level the side left to right?

MRUSA14 12-02-2019 09:27 AM

You can manually level by either raising the low side or by lowering the high side. If the jacks on your low side are fully extended, you will be unable to use them to raise the low side and will have to lower the high side instead.

Your satellite should be extended AFTER you are level, so that leveling adjustments do not affect it.

sdesha 12-02-2019 10:24 AM

I believe I am. the left button is for the passenger side and the right button is for the driver side.

buddy110 12-02-2019 10:29 AM

Do you hear them whining when you press the buttons?

Gary.Jones 12-02-2019 10:38 AM

it is possible to "double equalize" and that used to be almost standard procedure a few years ago. The procedure was to lower the jacks. In the process, the coach would bleed air out of the system. However, the amount of "Bleed time" was not sufficiently long and it takes more time for the rear bags to bleed down that it does for the front air bags to bleed down (I remember that the bleed time was 9 seconds initially on maybe the 14s and 15s, but then Equalizer or Entegra changed it to 18 seconds, which was better but still not enough), soooo , the rear end of the coach was virtually always higher than the nose of the coach. So, what you did then was leave the engine off and raise the jacks fully. You don't want more air to be pumped into the already partially deflated bags. Then you Equalized a second time (even though the coach never came up to ride height). The second equalization would again release air from the bags (another 9 or 18 seconds)and the rear end of the coach would settle further than it did the first time. That is the "double equalize". Now that the rear end of the coach was probably more level with the front, then you let the equalizer try to level the coach.

However, my Equalizer never was able to really level my coach, fore and aft, and left and right. On my 15 Anthem (and everyone else's coach), you discover that the the Equalizer NEVER lets air out of the bags.... it only ever adds more air. So it starts to add air front OR back or left or right and adds air. Then it adds air to the opposite side of the coach to make it level but it misses and adds too much, so rather than letting out some air, it adds air to the first side again, and again misses level, and so then airs up the opposite side again. This can go on and on in "see-saw" fashion until you stop it or your front tires are off the ground. You can also re-adjust the "level" point of the Equalizer. There is a process discussed in the owners manual and was often done by owners and I did it repeatedly. It never helped.

So, then what I learned to do is do the double equalize .... turn the equalizer off after I have double dumped. dig out my $4 Walmart plastic level that I keep in the dash drawer, determine a nice flat tile on the floor, put the level on that tile and then level the coach by hand front and back, side and side. WORKS VERY WELL. Yet another circumstance where the human brain works much better than the mechanical/digital/computer brain.

Now, a small point. You have 4 button positions on your Equalizer control panel. Each one has a "raise the jack" or a "lower the jack" small button. The buttons control pairs of jacks.... If you press the raise the coach (the down arrow button) at the bottom, you raise the rear end of the coach by running down both jacks more. Remember, the arrows on the control indicate what the jacks are to do.... the down arrow makes the jacks longer and the coach higher. The up arrow brings the jacks up and lowers the coach. Now, if your coach lists to the driver side, then you should press the "down arrow" button on the left side of the quadrant, and that should raise the driver side of the coach by lowering the jacks on the driver side more.

Now, finally, the controller of the Equalizer often just goes bad. I had one replaced on my Anthem, and one replaced already on this Cornerstone.

However, I never let the Equalizer do the leveling.... I do it manually and it is better and faster than letting the Equalizer try to figure it out. Now that I have "air over hydraulics" in leveling it is a bit more complicated but what I described still is pretty true up to the 20s.


Gary.Jones 12-02-2019 10:41 AM


Your control panel is a diamond shape. Two buttons at the top and two at the bottom and two each left and right. The left button pair are for the driver side (as you look at the panel). I think that you are thinking of the process in reverse to what it is.... if you want to raise the driver side of the coach, you would push the left side button of the diamond down to lower the jacks and raise the coach.... it is logically the opposite of what it first seems that it would be.


Grower15 12-02-2019 11:23 AM

In addition to the above, the auto level is very sensitive and will detect motion such as pets or people moving around during the auto level process. It will try and compensate for that movement further exacerbating the problem. So itís important to remain still during the process. Also, once the coach is level you can reset the null so it levels the same each time. This works for some people but not others.

Reset Null:
Power to Equalizer Jacks OFF
Hold AUTO LEVEL button in
Turn POWER on
Release AUTO LEVEL after 6 seconds
Null is now reset

sdesha 12-02-2019 02:20 PM

yes I do, they do make a loud noise which I have become accustom to

buddy110 12-02-2019 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by sdesha (Post 5060563)
yes I do, they do make a loud noise which I have become accustom to

FYI the arrow pointing down lifts the coach, up lowers the coach. I.E down lowers the jacks, up raises them. I made the mistake of thinking opposite of this

Gary.Jones 12-02-2019 05:38 PM


Your hydraulic jacks and hydraulic pumps should make no loud noises once you are level. Your air leveling will sometimes kick on and off after you have been level for a while.... that sound is the air pump. However, the hydraulics that control your jacks themselves, should make no noise once you have the coach to the levelness that you want it to be and turn the Equalizer system off. At least that is the way my Anthem and my Cornerstone work.... Once you turn the Equalizer control panel off, then it should remain off until you make some more corrections.


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