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slick60 03-11-2009 03:05 PM

Magellan 750NAV GPS
In 2004 Winnebago offered the Magellan 750 Nav as an option on the Journey. I have recently purchased a 2004 Journey and the GPS is missing what appears to be the main control for operating the GPS. The missing part looks like a CB mike but is slighly larger and has controls and I think a small screen and attaches with a cord and plugs into the base. The unit displays through the screen on the dash so it offers a convenient feature. Does anyone know anything about this GPS or perhaps have an idea where parts can be found. I expect my only hope is for someone to have removed a GPS and wants to get rid of a part or perhaps you have upgraded. Thanks ;)

Suncircles 03-12-2009 08:09 PM

I have a Magellan 750 Nav in my 2005 Journey 36G. I don't have an answer to where you can get a replacement "remote" nor have I found in my instructions how you would get a replacement remote to interface with your Magellan. I do know that Magellan has discontinued it from its product line.

I do not use my 750 Nav. It is great that it can be viewed through the rear camera monitor, but the software is significantly out of date and I can't find software updates from the Manufacturer. I also like to know what elevation I am at, but I have not found out where the 750 Nav displays it.

As a result I use an up-to-date GPS Navigation System whose software data is updatable and gives me all the information I desire. Also the 750 Nav is not portable. My current system is portable and we use it in the towed vehicle to find our way around a strange town. The prices of the current GPS Navigation systems have also come down alot.


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