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drw907 03-22-2009 10:08 PM

Cruise control inop
This is on a 94 Bluebird BMC 37', Spartan chassis, Cummins 8.3, Allison 3060 transmission.

The cruise control on my 94 BlueBird BMC 37' is inop. The cruise control panel light is not lit. It worked fine on the last trip. Since the last trip, I had Allison service my transmission, and move the trans dipstick from right to left side to solve a recurring leak, and had Cummins adjust the valves. These 2 services may be related as the cruise worked prior to these services -or may be unrelated.

I checked the physical linkage at the throttle, and it all looks ok (also lubed while I was checking it). I checked wire harness's under the allison I could access - look ok.

In the front drivers compartment directly under the transmission shift pad, there is the wiring harness for the cruise.

Red wire - pwr for cruise - ok has power
Blue ecm pwr wire - ok has pwr
Green lamp pwr - no volts/no power wether cruise on or off
white cancel cruise - no pwr when pressing cancel
yellow set cruise - no pwr when pressing set
black grnd - looks ok

The harness containing these wires disappear forward and downward.

I just looked thru my information box - little info on the cruise. The spartan book in the box shows a optional bendix cruise option, and a Dana Rostra electronic cruise. At this point I cannot determine which I have. Also, I cannot find a fuse/breaker for the cruise.

I am on the road again tomorrow, will be in one place for one week starting Tuesday.

I have no idea where to start - any advice?
Dan Weaver
94 BB BMC 37'

GaryKD 03-23-2009 01:14 PM

Hi drw907,
If it was me, I'd call Spartan for advice. Your problem may need some very specific skills. They may be able to recommend additional items you can do and where you can find a certified repair facility close to where you are.

quikduk 03-23-2009 02:57 PM

Gary makes a good point and you could start there. I have an Eco-Cruise on my '98 C8.3 powered Gulfstream and it worked fine except for one day...

I had done my usual check before going on a long-weekend trip. SOAB, the cruise wouldn't work! What was going on? :banghead:

I figured that the Eco-Criuse had died and I was SOL as they have long since gone belly-up...but wait...there's more... :rolleyes:

I got back home and decided to degrease the engine and CAC (ongoing issue from the factory slobber tube routing). After I got finished, I took it out to the station to top off the tank and whaddyaknow, the cruise was working again. :blink:

I finally determined that when I was doing my usual checks, I had lubed the Pac Brake, lubed the throttle linkage... and apparently got too much on there so the cruise couldn't hold the cable. The degreaser took off just enough to make it work again. :facepalm:

I promptly degreased and carefully re-lubed the entire linkage and have not had any more issues.

Oh, the "green light" on my Eco-Cruise panel does not illuminate unless I am driving with the lights on AND engage the cruise. It then illuminates. If I cancel the cruise, it goes out irrespective of the headlights...and it might light up during the day but I can't tell and it might not be a good idea for ME to take my eyes off the road while driving the rig...:whistling:

John-D 03-23-2009 03:53 PM

Any time the cruise control is not working,,, check for proper operation of the brake lights.. I'm not kidding.

Many cruise control systems look for 12 volts across the brake light switch

No 12 volt on the hot side=Blown fuse or other wire issue

No ground on the Lamp side = burned out bulbs, wire issue or switch in the ON condition. and this tells the CC to "DISENGAGE"

That is also a "no test gear needed" just a partner and a way to say "Brake on" or "Brake off"

drw907 03-24-2009 09:35 PM

Thanks for the sugesstions thus far. I did check the brake lights - don't see a malfunction. I am on a very sloped site for the week - unsafe to look under the rig until I am level and put my heavy jack stands under the coach.


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