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redeldo 04-12-2009 10:51 AM

HWH Air Leveling - no power?
Morning and Happy Easter!

I have been helping a friend that bought a 99 Dynasty and we have run across a problem that maybe someone could help us.

The HWH air leveling control pad to the left of the driver displays a green light that indicates it is ok to travel. When arriving at a site and wanting to level, we should be able to press the "Air" to turn the system on and press again to start the leveling. However, the system does not respond by turning on or showing anything. Also, pressing "Off" does nothing:confused:.

We checked the fuse location in the ceiling bay and replaced a blown 15 amp fuse, then we checked the box outside by the driver and found another bad 15 amp there. But every time we would replace that one, it would arc blowing the fuse

HWH suggested the bay location and check some wires to the board but other than the fuse, everything seems ok. The previous owner said this had happened once while they were in Las Vegas several years ago.

As we are losing hair and more are turning gray, we would appreciate if anyone has thoughts/suggestions on how to correct this?

01 Dynasty

rex 04-12-2009 01:54 PM

Wayne you should have a book or information in the documents with the coach that will indicate which HWH air leveling system you have. If not there is a number on the control unit in the ceiling of a basement compartment that should start with AP. If you can provide that information it would be helpful in determining what the problem is. Also some of the HWH wiring is numbered on the wire itself. What is the wire number of the wire with the 15-amp fuse that keeps blowing.

Meandering Retiree 04-14-2009 09:34 PM

We had a similar problem. I took out the screws and checked the wiring under the panel. One was loose enough to cause things to work only when the gremlins wanted it to do so.

redeldo 04-15-2009 10:39 AM

After doing some more checking and reading a post were it was suggested that we get the model #, I went to the HWH site, found a repair manual for the model.

It shows the exact problem we have:

"After pushing the "AIR" button one time: a. The system will not turn on and no lights except the TRAVEL light are on.

Check the battery fuse. If it is not blown the control box, touch panel, or cable is bad. If the battery fuse is blown, replace the fuse, unplug the compressor wire then press the "AIR" button again. If the fuse blows again replace the control box. If the fuse does not blow and the system turns on, the compressor wire is probably shorted to ground"

Some one has worked on this as there are two wires in the battery compartment that are not hooked up and go somewhere. We will track them down to see if they go to the leveling system.

Thanks for the help and I will report back what we found in case someone else has a problem like this.


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