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Jay Mathew 05-16-2009 07:14 PM

HWH Panel Power Up Problem
I cannot turn on the leveling system. With the coach off, in nuetral and the parking brake inguaged. I turned on the key to acc and then tried to turn on the hydralics. I can push the HYD button but the panel just clicks and acts as if the batteries are low. Never had this problem before, checked the batteries, they are 9 months old and then also put the charger on them over night. The HWH 50 Amp fuse is fine as well as the fuse in the Accessory panel is fine. Help!!!!

FleetMan 05-16-2009 10:38 PM

It sounds like a pump relay or pump electrical ground problem. Check all the terminals on both relays for tightness. If that doesn't do it, have someone hold a manual jack extension switch while you ground out the terminals on the pump relay and main relay. If it is one of the relays, the pump motor will come on when you ground out the bad terminal and the juck will start to deploy. There is another HWH thread currently active that covers most of the trouble shooting procedures you need to employ.

EngineerMike 05-16-2009 11:44 PM

Try removing & reinserting the fuses. Recent thread w/similar problem came down to weak or somewhat corroded spring clips that pinch the fuse blades, so full current couldn't flow.
Simple & worth a try. (Might not be that simple, but what the heck)

GaryKD 05-17-2009 10:24 AM

Hi Jay,
Try this:
Retrieve your HWH instruction manual. Find the page with the picture of the control board. On this page will be a narrative of what one can do and the results one can expect to see. You will be looking at lights on the control board and comparing them to the narrative. Do your prep as stated in the OP. Have a helper push and hold the button to turn the system on and start the leveling process. While this is being done watch the lights on the control board. Compare what you see to the narrative. It may or may not be easy to find and then watch the control board. It depends on where your coach manufacturer mounted the board. It should be near the pump and valves.

There should be a description of what to do if there are no lights on the control board.

If you call HWH, their techs will help you based on the control board lights and your specific comments.

All that being said, I have the HWH 325 Series system.
If you have the same 325 series system, it sounds like LED #9 would be the first light to check. Next would be fuse 12 (on the older boards). Next would be fuse 11 (on older boards). Lastly would be fuse 10 (the dreaded fuse 10).

Let us know what you find and we can take the next steps.

Jay Mathew 05-17-2009 11:10 PM

Did a little more work today. Cleaned all terminals and re-installed, all fuses seem to be in good shape, batteries are charged. Finally hooked the hot lead directly to the pump and was able to extend/retract the nose (did not try the slide). Seems that this might be a control module board as when you hold down the HYD button, all the lights light up except the travel light, and store light. I will try HWH tomorrow to hopefully get this corrected as we are scheduled to head out for the long weekend.


wa8yxm 05-18-2009 01:32 PM

I hate this computer...

You said "Transmission in Neutral"

Did you try "Park"?

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