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Skyguy 07-12-2009 07:00 PM

Turbo system elbows
Last year my CAC failed leading to 7 mths of headaches. This season on our first day out (321 miles into the trip) My speed fell off to 30mph on I-40. After being towed in to Kingman AZ Frieghtliner we found the rubber elbow just befor the CAC had a blow out. They were unable to find the manufacture to get a replacement; so they put a generic elbow on after two days. This elbow does not flex like the original so there is a fold in it.

1 Will this restriction to flow cause a problem?

2 Does anyone know the manufacture of the boots that WRV used?

swansnest 07-12-2009 08:00 PM

We went to a Turbo shop and bougth our elbows when we had the same problem (the couch was less than a year old) and now we carry a back-up for emergencies.

The blue silicon rubber material on the outside has the markings 90-400-16 ED624 on our spare.

What you have may restrict the air a little - look up a Turbo shop and get a couple of the high pressure elbows - you can change it yourself easily and carry a spare. (We have a spare for both sides - 1 blue & 1 black)

Old Scout 07-12-2009 08:15 PM

Thought there was a recent [last 6 months] post on the forum about an online truck parts site [like Grainger] that had a whole bunch of different size/dia connections for turbos but I couldnt find it using the search function--wrong key words I guess.

NorCal C&H 07-12-2009 08:56 PM

It took me some searching but back a bunch of pages I found this. Try their rubber products section.

Let me know if you find the correct hose. I think I'll order a spare.


EngineerMike 07-13-2009 12:03 AM

Per post #4 in Quick Tips & Easy Mods thread by John Heitzenroder:
2006 Alpine Coach
Within 25,000 miles I had both 90 degree 4 ply four inch elbows split on the inside radius. The first one that split is near the Turbocharger, and the other elbow is on the upper right side.
The result is loss of power and black exhaust!

The best place to purchase the elbow is direct from Purosil, the mfg. in Corona, CA. The customer service phone number is 951 271 3900

Skyguy 07-13-2009 10:14 AM

Turbo elbows
Thank you guys, I will also carry spares from now on!

NorCal C&H 07-13-2009 12:46 PM

The best place to purchase the elbow is direct from Purosil, the mfg. in Corona, CA. The customer service phone number is 951 271 3900 [/quote]

UR right Mike :thumb:, that's the company I was trying to find. also (800) 877-5342...Does anyone know the correct part number for the Alpine turbo 90 degree hose?

I just called Purosil. "IF" the P/N is 90-400-16 it is their 90 series silicone elbow reinforced with polyester and it sells for $ 37.22 + tax & shpg


swansnest 07-13-2009 01:32 PM

Harold - That is the number on our spare that we bought from Custom Turbo in Santa Fe Springs for $65. On our invoice it says 4" Slicon 90 degree Elbow Standard Radius. WRV was paying for ours after they sent us the WRONG elbow (for the other side) - (does that surprise anyone?) & we needed it right away!

NorCal C&H 08-03-2009 11:55 PM

OK here is the LATEST poop on the ISL-400 turbo hose. I called Purosil and ordered the 90-400-16 90 degrees hose. When I mentioned "turbo" she questioned where I got that part number and said they had recently gone through this with another motor home owner trying to replace their turbo outlet hose. She said the above part is good to 350 degrees and the that Purosil sales manager had recommended the higher temperature 3648-400-MK hose for turbo applications.

I called the local Cummins dealer and asked the outlet temperature for the turbo on the ISL-400. He said 275-300 degrees. I told him why I was asking and asked him if the 350 degree rated hose wasn't sufficient. He said he would go with the 500 degree hose as the 350 degree rated hose was near it's upper limit at 300 and unless the 500 degree hose cost a "whole lot more" he would go with the extra margin.

The Purosil 90-400-16 (350 degree) was $ 37.22, The 3648-400-MK was $ 53.53 or a little over 50% or $ 16 more. I opted for the MK. Again Purosil's telephone number is 800-877-5342.


EngineerMike 08-04-2009 12:55 AM

For on-the-road repairs, if an elbow splits you could wrap it with X-Treme Tape to get you to where you can order a new elbow. I carry it in 3 colors so my wrapping is always in fashion.
Available thru Amazon & retailers near you.

jerry davis 08-05-2009 08:45 PM

I have used this tape for everything from fixing a leaking sewer hose to sealing a high pressure water leak............amazing stuff.:thumb:

takepride 08-06-2009 01:31 AM

Is there a difference between the blue one and the black one? Are they actually interchangeable and the MK will work for both?

EngineerMike 08-06-2009 11:13 AM

So far as I know the colors are interchangeable. I presume the red would dry-vulcanize to the black, etc. What it doesn't do is adhere to the work; no stickum. So you stretch the tape out as you wrap, giving it a tension fit over the work.

takepride 08-06-2009 11:49 PM

Thanks eMike, but I was referring to the two colors of elbows mentioned in Swan's post.

I looked on Amazon and found only black tape, for two different vendors. I want multi-colors so I can properly accessorize my repairs.

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