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MarkP 08-10-2009 11:19 PM

A Few Phaeton Questions
Hi All,
I've been lurking, reading and learning about Tiffin Motorhomes and I appreciate all of the time and information everyone is willing to share. The positive feedback here, and on other forums, about Tiffin has lead me to narrow my search down to a 36QSH.

Today my wife and I drove 3+ hours to the nearest dealer and took a personal look and test drive. We loved it!

I have three questions I hope you all can help with.

Price - I made the dealer an admittedly low ball offer. They came back with a firm price that is 20% off MSRP. This is for a 2009, no trade, cash deal. I expected to end up in the 25-30% off range considering this is at the end of the model year and in this economy. But, they seemed to think they had a very sellable unit at that price. Thoughts? Maybe wait for the 2010's and fall to set in?

Awning - the outside awning arms only extended about two-thirds of the way before all of the fabric was comletely unwound. Is this right, or did they install the wrong size awning by mistake?

Towing - Is anyone towing an enclosed car hauler trailer behind a 36QSH? I will be towing a 24' (ball to tail) race car trailer. 7,000lbs max weight and usually more like 5,000lbs. All the numbers say this will be OK, but how is it in real life?

Thanks for the help!


jhughd 08-11-2009 02:15 PM

On mine, the awning arms do not extend straight out. I think what you are seeing is how mine extends and is normal. I pull a jeep grand cherokee at a little over 4000lb and it performs well. You will get better response if you ask your questions on We like our 36QSH and it serves us well.


Cruzer 08-11-2009 02:22 PM

20% is not right. 25% is more like it. Sounds like you found the wrong dealer. ;)

Actually, I wouldn't get a 2009. I'd order a 2010. You can get the same (25%) discount on a 2010 and the price really hasn't changed. If you look at the 2009 Phaeton price list you'll see that the HWH jacks and Diamond front shield are options. Add that to the base price. Then look at the 2010 Phaeton price list. In 2010 these two items are included as standard equipment and are built into the base price. Compared the 2010 base price with the 2009 base price + jacks + protective shield and you'll see what I mean.

Besides, the 2010 will be worth far more than the 2009 the minute you drive it off the lot because it'll be one year newer.

You can see all off the Tiffin price lists at Note that these are MSRP price lists so deduct 25% to get close to real world end user pricing.

For a list of changes made to the Phaeton in 2010 (over the 2009) check out this link -

Okay, so much for question # 1. :laugh:

2) Chances are your awning is fine. The arms do stay cocked and do not fully extend so that may be what you are seeing. The cocked arms are necessary for strength, automatic water dumping, and sensor operation (if a Carefree awning).

3) One of the guys at the dealership where I bought my Busses from hauled his race car around in an enclosed trailer behind a 36QSH and had no problems. I don't see why not although I haven't personally done it.

Cruzer 08-11-2009 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by jhughd (Post 533163)
...... You will get better response if you ask your questions on We like our 36QSH and it serves us well.


Actually, what you mean is ;)

TUNA1 11-20-2009 07:35 PM

I have considered the Phaeton - Only thing really missing is teh diff in Engines 360 vs 425 and the hydronic water. But I used to own a 2001 Newmar Dutchstar with a 300hp engine and pulling my suburban at 6000 lbs was a VERY slow up hills. My current 400 hp coach does ok. I am concerned if I go to the 360 Phaeton that I will be back to 35 miles per hour on hilly highways. And yes I would love to tow a smaller car but most of the time I travel with my 4 godkids and their parents and sometimes the nanny too and we need the suburban to haul everyone.

fatboysrule 11-23-2009 10:38 AM

I have a 2008 42 footer, I don't have any problem with power, remember that is 1025 foot pounds of torque, and it is torque that makes a difference not HP. I pull a 2006 Mustang and have a Harley Ultra Classic on a lift, I have never felt short of power. At 65 mph, mileage is about 6.8 mpg. The awning arms are fine, because the slide takes up part of the awning it seems short. I purchased my 2008 (new) in March of 2009 and our discount was 33% of MSRP, but that was at the low point of the RV market crash. Your 20% figure sounds more like 2010 prices, I would expect high 20's, for a new year old Phaeton. Good Luck

tmspoon 11-24-2009 10:12 AM

We purchased a left over '09 Phaeton a couple of months ago and got almost 35% off msrp. It was a 42 QRH don't know if that makes a difference. The awning extension is normal at least mine does the same thing. We only tow a small car so can't comment on heavy tow loads. Haven't had any problems on hills although haven't tested it in the western mountains yet.

gordons1 12-13-2009 09:46 AM

I have seen people on the web sites talk about the 28% discount off of mrsp...better yet, purchase a used one...they depreciate 18% - 25% in year one. I recently ought a 2007 40' phaeton, loaded...with 4500 miles for $125k.....its 75k less than what the original owner paid!

Oldrtrcr 12-13-2009 05:54 PM

If the original owner paid $200,000.00 for a 2007 40' Phaeton, they way overpaid when they bought. Upper level MSRP on unit was about $230,000.00. 25% discount would put it at $172,500.00. You, gordons1, got a tremendous deal. I wouldn't sell my low mileage '07 Phaeton for a buck 25.

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