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tiger63 10-13-2009 07:48 PM

Prowler slide out quit working
Have any of you had your slideout quit working such that it only clicks and does not move the slide?

I was able to move the slide in with a half inch ratchet and a 5/8 inch socket.

Was like watching grass grow.

My unit is a 2006 Prowler Regal with two slides.

What did it cost to have repairs made? I don't want to get hosed.


Frankenstien 10-16-2009 07:38 PM

There are a few possibilities, The first place I would start is with the relay that controls the pump, providing this is a hydraulic unit. if its motor and screw you may have sheared the roll pin on the shaft. hope this helps....

greg0rn 10-28-2009 10:17 PM

It is not too bad to crank it by hand. Been there for almost one year when my electric motor plastic gear stripped. Finally, after my dear wife motivated me, this is what I did:

- went under trailer and found model number of the motor. It was sprayed over with some kind of black stuff, so it took me a while to identify it. Used paint thinner to clean the black stuff. There was lots of room to work under the trailer, even for my 6'4" body.

- disconnected gear box, leaving motor in place. There was no need to disconnect electricals. I was lucky that two index pins were still in their holes, kept there by lubricant. Otherwise, I'd never find them in the gravel underneath trailer.

- confirmed that the gear was stripped.

- contacted company handling retail sales of that particular unit. Found them on internet. When contacted, they knew exactly what I was talking about. They had replacement kit for the occasion, not the whole motor and all, which means that that part has been failing frequently. The gear kit cost me about $40, shipped to Canada. Cheap.

- reinstalled it, making sure that those two index pins were back in place. Sorry, but do not remember what happened with the gasket. Most likely I made a new one from a gasket paper, or used liquid gasket.

I did not try to get estimate for the repairs through the dealer, having assumed that it would be astronomical. The whole project was rather easy, the most difficult part being the motivation.

Hope it helps.

go44 11-02-2009 03:28 PM

A discharged battery will cause this problem....Barrie

pigroaster 11-11-2009 09:23 AM

circuit breaker
I just fixed mine by replacing two circuit breakers 12 volt - 50 amp automatic reset on my 2007 cedar creek 34 SATS about $10.00 and change at UAP in On. Canada. On line you can buy automatic reset breakers for about $7.00. Hope this helps you. Easy to replace.

I had to cut the mounts off as they were the wrong way on the replacement part at the local store but they are held in place by a special bracket so all is well. If you order locally, take the part in and they will order the mounting bracket facing the correct way.

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