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bigfish 11-06-2009 11:17 AM

Hwh 625 leveling system
Initiated momentary CS BR S/O extend command. After completion, hydraulic pump did not stop and was extending all leveling jacks, jacks drove completely down and had wheels off the ground but hyd pump did not stop. Finally shut off DC disconnect to coach and hyd pump stopped. Found that whenever any of the S/O's extend/retract command was initiated the hyd pump would not stop and would continue to try and extend leveling jacks. Noted no status light energized on keypad. Reseated 5 pin connector on back of keypad to no effect, Noted only one red LED lit on hyd control board. Jacks would not retract. Found 10A (F10) miniature blade automotive type fuse in hyd panel o.k. (listed as Control Board/Box Main Fuse), found 7.5A (F12) miniature blade fuse blown (listed as Protection Fuse for Touch Panel/Keypad Power Supply). Replaced blown fuse and found not only a S/O command but also whenever the ignition key was in "accessory" or "on/start" position the pump would run continuously extending all jacks.
Backed out all 4 valve "T" handles to relieve jack pressure and let springs retract jacks. Discussed problem with HWH tech on phone, tech (Rich) advised that hyd control board had failed and needed replaced. After this discussion, prepared to pull hyd panel and ship to HWH, then found puddle of hyd oil @ left rear jack, could not tell what had failed, piston seals or a fitting. Decided then to take coach to HWH facility and have them make necessary repairs & made an appointment for 2 days later. Put everything back together as found including blown fuse.
HWH tech (Tim) took over on my arrival @ HWH, replaced Hyd Panel mother board (found burned trace on back of board and some other problems with it), installed present design hinged mounting and calibration adjustments for level sensor and calibrated coach level. Topped off hydraulic reservoir with hyd fluid. Replaced leaking jack with new assembled unit (built on demand). Replaced last 4 original jack springs with present design heavy duty type. Adjusted needle valve @ hyd cylinder to speed up operation of curb side bedroom S/O (had been a long standing irritation). Labor charge was 2.5 hours. All parts & labor warranted for 1 year even at some other authorized repair facility if unable to return to HWH.
Writer is well satisfied with the service I received and would recommend them to anyone having problems with their HWH equipment, particularly if they are in the neighborhood of Moscow IA. :cool:
05 40FDQS

Wayne R 11-06-2009 12:31 PM

Sounds like a very similar issue I am having. My board blew the 7.5 F12 fuse, the voltage regulator and a diode. I believe all the components I listed took a dump after I jumped the control relay. It was just dead up to that point. Which also could have been the voltage regulator that I eventually found had a bad ground. I had Jacks deploying and smoke rolling out of the compartment. After replacing all the defective components I could find. It functions on the bench but not installed. When installed it shows it is in travel mode and shuts down in about 5minutes. I probably have a bad relay. I may play with it some more. The coach wiring side seems to be fine. Though I have a few more circuits to check..

I am 2000 miles away from Moscow so I plan to pull the 625 panel and send it in for repair when I get to Texas for the winter. They quoted me 450 worst case to repair my board. As it is now I have a work around to extend/retract slides and jacks. With the board pulled I can extend and retract jacks but the slides wonít work. After I cut an access hole on the bulkhead to the front bay I can get at the retract solenoids to wire around the board while it is out for repair. I also plan on moving the board to inside the bay as Emike suggested. The wiring harness appears to be long enough.

I have been to HWH in Moscow 3 times and they do have great service. I probably will take a trip up there this summer on my way to Sturgis. I have a pesky leaking left rear jack they have replaced 3 times. I suspect the hose fitting which they changed last time. I also have a creeping front passenger slide.

bigfish 11-07-2009 11:00 AM

Have a 20" L x 12" H access panel cutout on bulkhead, makes it a lot easier to get to valves, solenoids & oil fill cap.
Not sure how you would relocate & mount hyd control panel on the bay bulkhead in an orientatiion to allow the 2 right side & the 5 back side connectors to plug in. After watching the tech pull control panel off I figure to do the same if I ever have to.
Keep in mind that the creeping front PS S/O may wind up being the lift cylinder leaking around the button on top. If thats the case, should have a oil leak showing up in 2nd bay. If no oil leak, could be a problem with extend/retract solenoids or valve manifold.
05 40FDQS

Wayne R 11-07-2009 11:40 AM

When I had the panel out It appears I have at least 1 foot of slack in the wire bundles. I plan on having the window facing the rear of the coach and a hole in the bulkhead to allow the wires to plug in. If they donít upgrade the board to allow the orientation to be set by jumper placement. I can mount the sensor on the opposite side of the box accomplishing the same thing. I will determine if I have room after I pull the box and cut the access hole. If not the access panel will make life much easier and I will just leave it where it is

I have no leaks in the lift cylinder, so I suspect a leaking solenoid. I havenít messed with it much because of access problems to the retract solenoids and it takes several days for it to creep about Ĺ inch in the up direction.

Thanks for the suggestions

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