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denochs 01-23-2010 08:01 PM

Marker and dashboard lights
During a recent trip in FL I attempted to turn on an overhead light using the headlight switch. It was just about dark outside. So, I pulled the headlight switch out and truned it at the same time. thinking it was like the switch on my car. The headlights came on but the marker and dashboard lights came on only momentarily. After that, they would not work. The next day I checked all fuses and looked for an inline fuse too. No problems found. They have not worked since then and we have to travel during daylight hours only. The brake and trun signals work fine.

A truck mechanic said the stem of the headlight switch was not making contact properly because of the way I must have turn/pulled it. He thought there was a sequence to get it back in place.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Can you direct me to a source for help?

DriVer 01-25-2010 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by denochs (Post 592548)
Has anyone experienced this problem before? Can you direct me to a source for help?

This is just a WAG but do you have a dimmer on the dashboard? Rotate that up and down and see if that does anything. :whistling:

denochs 01-28-2010 06:52 AM

No, I don't have a separate dimmer. The adjustment for dimming the dash lights is on the head light knob.

Would they put an in-line fuse for the dash lights and running lights between that switch and the fuse block?

Pete & Linda 01-28-2010 08:55 PM

DriVer did you mean WAG or SWAG?

DriVer 01-28-2010 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by Pete & Linda (Post 594461)
DriVer did you mean WAG or SWAG?

I'm going with WAG :laugh:

Pete & Linda 01-28-2010 11:55 PM

SWAG, like I'll take a SWAG at it. Never heard WAG. I think they both get the point across. :cool:

denochs 01-29-2010 07:39 AM

SWAG or WAG, any other ideas on the problem?

Ding-a-ling 01-29-2010 08:11 AM

I had a similar problem this past summer travelling in Alaska. Now, I must say that I always drive with the headlights on. Anyhow, at somepoint I found the dash and marker lights would not come on with the headlight switch operated. The bottom line was that the full current to the headlights went through the switch and caused the contacts to heat up and corrode and the connections at the switch for the other lights went bad. A mechanic replaced the connector and wiring and installed a separate relay to carry the load for the headlights.

This is just my experience. I'd say, see if you can open up the dash and visually check the integrity of the headlight switch.


Pete & Linda 01-29-2010 09:32 AM

Denochs, I did this once on an old car I had. The switch was damaged and I had to replace it. This is probably where you're at. Sorry for the rambling earlier.

denochs 01-30-2010 01:12 PM

Thanks for the confirmation of what seemed obvious. I really like the idea of having a separate switch for the headlights.

Roadking 01-31-2010 10:00 AM

The chassis used in most high end coaches, such as your Eagle, typically contain a 12 volt DC power distribution box that houses circuit breakers for each circuit and they may also contain relays to activate the automotive type circuits, such as lights, door locks, fan moters ect. This power distribution box is usually separate from the 12 volt circuit breakers for the coach circuits, ie. the one located inside that contains breakers for the internal house 12 volt lighting and internal house power systems.

Thie chassis DC power distribution box is typically located in a comparment somewhere near the front of the coach, such as in the left front driver side compartment or on or near the "firewall" in the front compartment. Once located check to see if you can find a set of circuit breakers and associated relays. Hopefully the breakers and relays are labeledl (Mine are) There should be several relays including one for the head lights and a separate one for the marker lights. THe relays are typically interchangeable, meaning you could swap the marker relay with another relay, such as turn signals, to test the relay.

This would be a good place to start trouble shooting. If the circuit breakers and relays are ok, then you can test for voltage as the marker lights are turned on an off.

denochs 02-03-2010 02:02 PM


It sounds like you are on to what may be my problem. However, all the chasis fuses are under the step well and I see a number of relays too. But none of them are marked. The manuel doesn't help much either.

I will call the factory to find out where/which relay controls the dash & marker lights.

nuketea7800 02-04-2010 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by Pete & Linda (Post 594513)
SWAG, like I'll take a SWAG at it. Never heard WAG. I think they both get the point across. :cool:


SWAG = Scientific Wild Ass Guess (means you have an idea of what it is)

WAG = Wild Ass Guess (no idea, pulling one out of your sock)

Sorry for the off topic post.


Pete & Linda 02-05-2010 11:37 AM

7800 thanks, I didn't know that.:thumb:

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