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Seajay 04-04-2010 02:56 PM

Catchum, Skinnum and Run Accounting Inc.
As I reported earlier the computer at my accounting firm or Catchum, Skinnum, and Run was stolen a couple nites ago. It is also understood that all records of money owed by myself to various members of IRV2 were on the hard drive of that computer. Also, monies owed to me by members of IRV2 were also on that computer hard drive. As it stands now all monies owed and received concerning debts paid and owed and stuff like that are stopped because we cant find the computer. (that confused me, I shall read it again later.....:banghead:.....)
I have hired a private detective agency
Waddle, Dob and Stumble, to investigate further into the sudden ''disappearance'' of said computer. They, Waddle Dob and Stumble, have determined that this computer was probably taken by someone in a motor home because they found gray water dribble puddle outside the office. they also found a small sack of 'dog poo' and evidence that some one had washed their windshield and dribbled water on the ground. Flip Flop tracks were also found as well as a gum wrapper and several Hershey Kisses wrappers.
Until the computer disappearance is resolved all debts shall be held in abatement pending proper investigation completion ......
The investigators of Waddle, Dob and Stumble have asked me to post the following....
Any person with solid information concerning the crime described will be paid the large sum of ten cents for good solid information and the grandiose sum of twenty cents for photos of the perpetrator at the scene of the crime or a sample of his gray water tank or some dog poo from his dog.....
Any person with a really good idea as to who might have known about this crime or have heard someone talking about this crime or anyone that has shook hands with someone that may have heard someone else talking about this crime on a party line will be paid the sum of five cents for such information.
As usual, dumb looks, drooling, and random pointing pay nothing now but will be considered for future payment.

Till then you guys will just have to ''Make Do'' without the large sums of monies owed to you for good ideas, comments, advise, and other stuff.

Seajay the sailor man...
God bless our troops and bring them home soon and safe
God bless our vets for their service to this great nation ............

Note. You may post all clues and comments here for payment consideration..............
this thread is going to be more funner than the last one .......:cool:.....

kaykaydee 04-08-2010 06:12 PM

I think they just went by my place. There was lots of poo...not even packaged...must have been in a hurry, because it was 'flanged' all over the yard. Didn't find it until the snow melted. Maybe they were snowbirds going is warmin' up a bit.

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