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aschuerg 05-03-2010 01:30 PM

The damon nightmare
I have one 2008 Astoria Pacifica bought new 11/27/2009 3600 miles Cummings 340.
All miles are to go to repair shops,ie Freightliner, Dealer, Cummings. The biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. Currently in the Feightliner shop waiting for a fuel pump that is on nationwide back order. None available anywhere and no one can tell me when there will be one available.
Broke down the very first day did get 20 miles down the road.When i picked it up major water leak broken water pipe it has been one thing after another. Cummings powered owners BEWARE ISB 6.7 power plants parts shortage.
I guess what pi--es me off no one will take responsibility keep being told " it's not my problem "
WHO's NAME IS ON THE COACH I ASK? :mad::banghead:

DBOL 05-03-2010 09:22 PM

Is your dealer taking care of your needs?if new they should!I'm surprised at having that much milage my was 6 months with 6000?

powerboatr 05-03-2010 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by DBOL (Post 635803)
Is your dealer taking care of your needs?if new they should!I'm surprised at having that much milage my was 6 months with 6000?

get some sugar and start talking to damon.
there is no reason a NEW unit wouldn't be covered.
Mine had its share of "SITTING " issues and now its a gem,

WYDan 05-04-2010 10:09 AM

We had a few "sitting" issues as well. Once they were handled by the dealer and Damon, we have had no issues. Only issues that I have I created myself.. :-)

aschuerg 05-07-2010 05:13 AM

Damon JUNK Update
Finally received the much anticipated Bosh injector pump. Was installed yesterday coach ran fine. Planned on picking it up Friday AM.
Received a call last evening " We found the original oil leak you have." OK " Your engine block is cracked."
My help from Damon has been NON EXISTENT. Cummings and Freightliner have been my only help. What I get from Damon Is "It's not our problem, and it covered by warranty"
Warranty if you get something for free and it doesn't work what good is it????????????
My next stop is my attorney Monday morning some one else is going to own this thing not me. One lesson I did learn never pay cash!!!

wa8yxm 05-07-2010 07:42 AM

Well, it may be Damon's name on the coach, but the part you are waiting for and the Chassis are Freightliner it seems. Damon only built the house, not the engine/drive tain/chassis.. And that's what is giving you fits.

In my case the chassis is workhorse, Engine GM, Tranny Allision, I do not blame Damon for the Workhorse Brake recall, nor do I blame them for the GM fuel Clip recall... I blame Bosch and GM.

Damon, on the other hand, has been absolutely fantastic.. The one serious "house" issue I had they took care of no problem, a 2nd minor "house" issue, likewise (took them perhaps five minutes) and since they are an authorized workhorse center they took care of a couple of Workhorse issues too... Including one they did not know about till the day they fixed it. You see, it happened on the way there. (They also worked with me on scheduling so I drove perhaps 30 miles to get there)

jcthorne 05-07-2010 07:55 AM

Really don't see what you expect Damon to do here. They referred you to Freightliner who build the chassis for warranty repair. That is not passing the buck, its getting you the help you need to get it fixed. Freightliner is honoring the warranty right? I can understand your being VERY upset with having to deal with these issues but your anger should be a Cummins or Freightliner for building a low quality product.

Sound like you will be having a new engine installed. Make sure they do a good job and inspect the rest of the coach throughly when picking it up.

doc 05-07-2010 08:07 AM

Stuff happens. Obviously you will never be happy and the best thing for you to do is get rid of it. As said above, these problems are chassis issues and not Damon. Chances are if you buy another coach it will have a Freightliner Chassis as well and you will be happy. I talked to a guy a while back with a half million dollar Monaco Signature. Lots of problems with that coach as well.
These things cost tremendous amount of money and we expect them (and rightly so!) to be perfect in every respet - only problem is they are not. I cannot imagine Freightliner letting something like a cracked block get past them. Or even a failed pump.
Another thing I don't understand is why the heck you are so upset at Damon and yet you say you like the coach and yet praise Freightliner when they are the source of all your problems. :facepalm:

Did I miss something earlier?

powerboatr 05-07-2010 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by doc (Post 637398)

Did I miss something earlier?

i am beginning to think we all did.

If freightliner and cummins are warrantying the repairs, sounds like case closed

damon for me has stepped up each time needed some squeak greasing.

a cracked block off the assembly line I can relate. our first 4056 had a small crack at delivery and kindly swapped to the other one they had in stock,
should an engine leave the cummins plant broken? nope
should freightliner have caught it? yep
so should have damon when it was being built and delivered ????

but the fact is things like this happen and if they are stepping up to fix it....well then they are taking care of it, I understand loss of use of your coach, and maybe a some sugar could get you a comp or something,

good luck
i know my damon likes to be driven.

aschuerg 05-08-2010 04:10 PM

Let be a Little more clear
In Service 11/27/2009 new.
Cold water pipe burst in kitchen Yes pressure reducer was installed. Filter conection broken.
11/28/09 Foul smell comming from Coach . Chassis battery boiled over waqs cracked. Returned to dealer out of service for the entire day.
11/29/09 32 degrees out side temp inside 40 furnace not working. Bad Batteries in controller. Carbom monoxide detector NO BATTERIES .

12/15/09 Opened slide hear a crunch like broken glass. Broke all the tiles 5 all together. Took to Dealer ordered. Found out slide out rollers were not line properly. Ordered Parts 2 week delivery.

1/6/10 back to dealer for floor issue. repaired took 7 days.

Stored in covered garage until 4/07/10 Check engine light comes on. under acceleration. NO POWER Cummings Memphis. Code 559 kept entire day said repaired pulled out of shop problem returned. Used 55 gallons fuel between memphis and Nashvillle on return. THe rest you know.
My problem w/Damon is the attitude when I called for help, w/Cummings/Freightliner I got a DON't CARE Attitude. Now I buy a Dodge and have engine do I call Cummings? No I go to Chrysler. If buy a Ford550w/a Cummings do I go to Cuummings? No I go to Ford.
"You Leave the Dance W/THE ONE WHO BRUNG YA!!!!"

Redapple 05-08-2010 07:37 PM


I am sorry for your RV troubles, however, this type of situation is not uncommon in this industry. While I am not condoning it, or justifying it, I do recognize it. Much of your problem is endemic to this industry, and we as consumers allow it to happen and continue.

Some of what you have experienced is also a dealer problem. Who knows how long this sat on the dealer lot before you made your purchase. It is up to the dealer to ensure you receive a product at the highest level of quality. Bad and missing batteries and a mis-aligned slide should have been caught during the PDI, and certainly when they took initial receipt of the MH.

In regard to your chassis; most likely your chassis sat bare in a parking lot for who knows how long before they began the coach build on the chassis. Who knows what type of conditions it was exposed to.

Again, this type of situation is normal in this industry. Some of us have it better than others, but I am willing to bet, once your initial set of warranty work is done you will end up with a good coach.

Good luck with it,

jcthorne 05-09-2010 11:16 AM

You still don't seem to get it. You are dealing with Freightliner because that is who built your truck. Same as if you bought a Ford.

If you bought a Ford pickup with a Koenig bed and work package, if you had engine trouble you would take it to Ford, not Koenig.

Same here, you take it to Freightliner, Not Cummins or Damon. Your beef with the chassis is with Freightliner. That is what you bought. Check your VIN number if you don't believe me.

Similarly most of your relativly minor coach issues are dealer prep items, or lack thereof.

We will not convice you to be happy with the coach. Most folks are about as happy with thier coach as they decide to be.

You will be very disappointed financially if you push your way through the lemon law case. Two years from now you will get a payment for about 70% of what you paid due to depreciation and milage and the lawyers will take a portion of that. In the eyes of the law, you will be made whole but you will not feel that way. You would be far ahead to decide to work through these troubles and be happy with the coach. It will cost you a bunch to trade a 2 year old coach.

Oh, and there is no 'G' in Cummins. Cummings is something best left for the bedroom.

powerboatr 05-09-2010 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by aschuerg (Post 637960)
In Service 11/27/2009 new.
Cold water pipe burst in kitchen Yes pressure reducer was installed. Filter conection broken.
11/28/09 Foul smell comming from Coach . Chassis battery boiled over waqs cracked. Returned to dealer out of service for the entire day.
11/29/09 32 degrees out side temp inside 40 furnace not working. Bad Batteries in controller. Carbom monoxide detector NO BATTERIES .

my cold supply was looses under the sink
dealer should have caught it at pdi, and so should have I. but they were more wrong :D\
my batteries were shot.....sitting on alot for over a year with questionable power ups killed them, damon replaced all four, did it suck having to go back to gt em replaced? YES.
they comped me for my trouble with a fill up from the dealer on fuel. ( i was under 1/4 tank:thumb:)

the two aa batteries in heater remote.......dont want to seem mean, but dealers will not replace things like that unless you catch it at pdi.
however my dealers PRIDE they would get me new batteries if i asked.
we even stay in the coach in the SHOP while they did repairs

the rest..... be firm but tactful and have cummins and freight fix it. then you will be able to enjoy the coach
remember it sat for a year prior to you, and who knows how long before that. bugs will develop, these puppies need to be driven
i hope you get her all fixed up and can enjoy the summer

aschuerg 05-10-2010 05:57 AM

Maybe some of you don't get it.
All I asked for is help from DAMON and got SQUAT.
As for some one preaching to me about what my losses and gains are going to be if I wanted your advice I'd ask. By the way I have been through this before It's not a Freightliner issue CUMMINGS is now being blamed. (oh bedroom spelling!)
There too many people willing to settle that partly what is wrong with this economy.
I won't settle for incompentence from anyone including myself nor should anyone else have to. and yes I have been very patient.

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