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jdtsr23 01-14-2011 08:27 PM

2011 Serrano 31z
Just purchased new Serrano :dance:31Z. Any other owners out there with pertinent information on this unit, would love to hear your comments. First tank of fuel was 13.67 MPG. Can't complain about that since was getting 6.5 with gas rig. Speed was in low 60,s for 467 miles. Thought the passing gear response was a little sluggish but with 230 HP what do you expect.

go6car 01-16-2011 08:05 AM

Congrats on the new ride!!! I don't have one, but just saw the new floorplan for the 33A (can only find one online to look at). Can I ask you - how is the ride of yours as compared to your gasser? The mileage you reported sure got my attention!

Thanks, and congrats again!

bodycoach2 01-17-2011 09:42 AM

We have a 2010 31Z. We chose that floorplan since it had windows in the bedroom, and large basement storage. We live in Florida, so I keep the engine on "Econ" mode. I get ~15mpg. If I got up to 70mph, I get about 13, if I take it off "Econ" mode, mileage drops.

I haven't notice any sluggishness with the passing gear at all. Quite the contrary, it's VERY response.

Coming from a 2006 Winnebago View, this ride is MUCH better. The Monaco Vesta (the comparable one to the Serrano) has a roadmaster chassis, air ride and air brakes, so it might be a bit better than the Serrano. Over all the ride is pretty nice.

We haven't had good experience with warranty work. Not major problems, but annoying little one. For instance, the shower didn't work on delivery, and they said they'd get the part overnighted. Two weeks later, I went ahead and bought one and installed it myself. Also, the outside thermometer and Cruise Control still aren't working. I need to take it to a Workhorse warranty place to get those done.

We've been on a few weekend trips, and a 10 day trip. No problems at all in the any of those trips.

Other than the sales experience, we really like the RV.

jdtsr23 01-17-2011 10:07 AM

Serrano 31z
I think the ride is much better. I had a 33' Mirada 290KS with V10 engine and thought the ride was terrible. Noisy and didnt feel substantial like the Serrano does. Think mileage will improve after its broken in. Only 2000 miles on engine. Windshield position much beter as the Mirada had larger windshield and could not drive East in the mornings and west in afternoon for the bright sun in our eyes. I stayed at the dealers lot for three days before leaving and stayed in the unit those nights to check everything out and made sure all had been taken care of before we left. Camping World of Dothan, Al. took good care of us.

DriVer 01-17-2011 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by jdtsr23 (Post 770947)
Just purchased new Serrano 31Z.

Al, I just wanted to offer you a welcome aboard as a Workhorse Chassis Owner.

Please drop in on the Workhorse Chassis Owner's Forum and you also are now eligible to join the Workhorse Chassis Motorhome Club (WCMC).

The owner's forum is NOT limited to gas chassis and you are certainly welcome to post in there. We have many system that are in common. You can also get some insight there as to how the register your rig in the "My Motorhome" resource at

The WCMC is holding their East Coast Rally this year in Dundee Ohio and factory reps will be there to answer questions. A fun filled event is being planned as we speak and I expect that all who attend will have a good time.

We have recently heard from one of our friends on the West Coast and he told us that the Serrano just outside of his display booth sold and was gone before the end of the FMCA Rally.

bodycoach2 01-20-2011 01:14 PM

jdtsr23, one thing I did learn was that, contrary to what the factory rep told me, ALL the sinks do drain to the grey tank. I tested it myself recently at a campground. I shut the tanks, and ran one sink at a time to see what tank it filled in. Only the toilet goes to the black tank.

Do you plan any upgrades/mods? My plans are:
-12 volt receptacles in bedroom and kitchen area (for using a fan at night and 12volt coffeemaker when overnight parking
-Battery upgrade, possible more batteries
-Grey water toilet flush kit install from RV Grey Water Recycling - Unique Solutions Inc RV

I might eventually get a solar system installed, but here in Florida it doesn't help much. Lots of sun, but too much heat. Using AC is a must. Genturi was FAR more important than solar for now.

NWRVN 01-24-2011 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by jdtsr23 (Post 770947)
Just purchased new Serrano :dance:31Z. Any other owners out there with pertinent information on this unit, would love to hear your comments. First tank of fuel was 13.67 MPG. Can't complain about that since was getting 6.5 with gas rig. Speed was in low 60,s for 467 miles. Thought the passing gear response was a little sluggish but with 230 HP what do you expect.

I think the 31 Serrano is a RV of the future!! I love it! Who else has a 31 mid entry door? Dual living room Hydralic slideouts? four point jacks, easily fits in my 12' garage, and has side hinged storage galore!:cool: or Mega Storage they call it. I love the walk around Queen bed. pull out gally counter. and two Air Conditioners!

Goof luck with yours 13.6 mpg is great you might get even better if your a conservative driver.

James Atkinson:dance:

TexasSprinter 03-26-2011 05:03 PM

Serrano V - Love it, mostly...
We bought a 2010 Serrano V based on size, mileage, ride, & layout. Went from a Winnie View. While great in concept, the View had two big problems - it rode like a delivery van (should have anticipated that) and it had zero storage. Our golf clubs had to ride in the shower!

Needless to say, the Serrano solved all of that and a lot more. The storage is spectacular (bikes, golf clubs, grill, ladder, motorcycle gear, and the usual stuff with NOTHING strapped on outside). The ride is much more comfortable that then View. In January did a 1,000 mile day back to Colorado to beat the snow.

Dislikes? The build quality doesn't match up to Winnebago, and the information available from the factory is, well, non-existent. Fortunately, we have a good dealer and they have fixed about two dozen things under warranty with nary a peep. And we finally got the last of the manuals (the one for the levelers). So our last couple of trips have been great.

Love the fact that it fits in our covered storage and fits on little two-lane roads. In fact, it fits in 90% of the places A little bigger gas tank wouldn't hurt my feelings as we ran it down to the last two gallons out in west Texas one trip. I'm getting about 12mpg, but we drive it pretty hard (65-75).

A few questions:
1) Has anyone considered a new arrangement for the pantry? The door seems backwards to me.
2) Having winterized it this year, getting to the fresh water drain valve takes a contortionist. Any suggestions?

Niel Powers
2010 SerranoV
Colorado Springs

Rapid Robert 03-27-2011 12:33 PM

The water system in the Serrano has a few problems. On the Drain, I went under the coach and added a length of pex to the drain pipe to extend it all the way to the rear trailer hitch where I clamped it off and added a spigot. Then just leave the one near the tank open. You can buy a pex union and 5' length of pex at Lowe's or ? that do not require special crimpers. I also picked up a 1 1/4" PVC plug to put in one of the two threaded knockouts in the top of the tank to allow me to add bleach mix without having to go through the process outlined in the manual. In addition to that ours was lacking a pre filter on the water pump, this was a bit more difficult but will save you problems down the road. As you know you literally have to stand on your head to even touch the water pump. First make a prop up board to hold the bed up (I keep it stored in the wood tray on top of the tank) you then will have to have pex crimpers or use the tool less type to add a couple of el's in the pump output line to give it some flexibility so as not to put stress on any connection. The filter from sureflow will fit right onto the intake without any alteration.
Our tank had plastic drillings and sand in it and every faucet was plugged when we got it. I'm sure this was not good for the pump either.
The other thing I did was to ty-rap a piece of thin open cell foam over the water tank vent tube that exits the bottom of the coach near the drain, this to keep bugs, spiders and dust from free passage to the tank. When you run water or drain the tank you get suction in this line and it just seems like a easy thing to do, I have also used a new inline small engine fuel filter for this in the past.
While you are under the coach you may want to look around for any wire routing issues near sharp or hot objects, I found a few. While basiclly a well built coach, there seems to be more then enough nit picky stuff to keep you busy for a long time. Check the outside door latches I found the ones on the big warehouse doors in the rear would open when locked.

jdtsr23 03-27-2011 01:45 PM

Have used the new Serrano a few times now and still like it. gas mileage still good. Only thing I would recommend is four winds should change awnings. don't ever leave it out with a heavy rain. It will fill up with water and fill up with water and you can go swimming in it. Tore the fabric tho.

JTraveler 04-05-2011 02:34 PM

I really loved the Thor Motorhomes FRED 33X Serrano. The mid coach entry just makes since... I found this article in the RV Lifestyle magazine and thought I'd share:

RV Lifestyle Serrano Review: RV Lifestyle - 2011 Vol. 39 Issue 6

Good Luck...

Rapid Robert 04-06-2011 12:41 PM

Question, Does anyone actually have Corian type countertops in their Serrano? I am confused, I was told mine had them, the brochure from 2010 said it was an option. No mention of it in 2011 and I see in some magazine articles that it was an option in 2010. One dealer told me that in 2011 they all are built the same, like ours. Ours has a painted on pattern over some kind of particle board.

go6car 04-06-2011 12:56 PM

For the 2011s it says "solid surface" counter tops (doesn't specify Corian) and lists it as an option for every floorplan. Click "galley" at this link and you'll see what I mean...

(Also, thanks for everyone providing real-time reviews, links, etc. It is really helpful for folks like me who are researching this model!) :)

jdtsr23 04-07-2011 10:10 AM

Mine has the same type counter tops. Not Corian for sure but looks nice..After the awning turned into a swimming pool, had a new weather pro awning installed so hopefully want have that problem again. The original one was JUNK and list price on invoice was 2800. New weather pro only 2400.(installed)

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