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csp 02-02-2011 08:07 PM

Another good reason to own RV
My family and I lost power in our home because of the ice storm in Indiana. We received around 2" of ice. There were over 11,000 people with out power just in our area. We were lucky enough to be able to walk out to the barn, fire up the generator, turn on the heat and TV, and stay nice and warm. Luckily the power was only out for a little over a day. Some of the people still do not have power and they are saying it may be days before the do. Every thing is still ice covered and it is very windy. Hopefully we do not loose our power again.
I guess it was a good idea to build a 22' long exhaust extension to get the diesel fumes out of the barn the day before the ice storm.
Most people went to hotels where they had power and slept in a bed that they did not know what happened in the night before. I slept in my own bed that I know every thing that happens in.
The kids kept asking where are we going and when are we leaving. They did not realize we were camping in the barn.

Dadeaux 02-02-2011 08:10 PM

A great reason to have an RV wish I had room for a barn. My unit is stored about 20+ miles from our home but between to towns we visit almost daily. We often have lunch in it and many times just stop in and take a rest between different errands.

Hudsoner 02-02-2011 08:32 PM

I had my TT set-up for the Y2k event. I wanted to play it safe, considering what was supposed to happen! I am glad that we did not need it.

Tom and Patty 02-02-2011 08:35 PM

Ha, we are in Indy in an RV park. Patty posted pictures of all the ice. I am in Detroit this week, but told Patty not to worry.....just fire up the genset if the power goes out!
We are looking for our Indy/Greenwood stick built home and told our realtor that we wanted a building for our MH with a house. :-)

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W4RLR 02-02-2011 08:51 PM

They make great hurricane lifeboats, too. Get out of the storm's path and be comfortable doing it.

historyljc 02-02-2011 10:59 PM


Originally Posted by rray32539 (Post 783155)
They make great hurricane lifeboats, too. Get out of the storm's path and be comfortable doing it.

Yep, been there, done that, ready to do it again.

frederick w 02-03-2011 06:20 AM

After our move, we will be staying in our MH untill we find a place to rent. Also will take some short trips.

In case this country folds in, we will have a place
to stay and or go where we think we should be.

Chuck Linn 02-03-2011 06:50 AM

In OK we have so many ice storms we finally gave up and bought a generator and wired it to the house now when we lose power we just turn the gen on and go about our business :dance:

Chandler Bing 02-03-2011 07:14 AM

Yep, we were ready here in IN. RV in its own shed full of gas and propane if we needed it. Did not! WOO HOO.

mikron 02-03-2011 07:36 AM

In 2004 we had the 4 hurricanes hit Florida. Our city of Ocala had been very lucky in all the years past with no hits. But in 2004 we got hit by all 4, we lost power for 5 days and lived in the MH on our property. That happen in 2 of the 4 storms. We keep our MH on a storage site 3 miles from our home.

Dadeaux 02-03-2011 08:44 AM

Aside from wanting covered storage the other reason our MH is stored 20 miles away is to keep it off these islands in case of storms and guarantee we have a refuge. At each hurricane warning we pack it up and go north west about 50 miles and act like the weather is good.

Dixieray53 02-11-2011 07:03 PM

:laugh:Your lucky...our power went out for a day and guess what.....the MH was not in the backyard but in the shop....had to be old fashioned and use candles and fireplace.


Ray,IN 02-12-2011 01:08 PM

Our portable genset we carry with our 5er fulfilled its destiny during the IN power outages. It ran non-stop, except for refueling, >24hrs before power was restored to our area. I have a switch-box that allows me to select power source, genset or REMC. While all houses around were dark and cold, we had heat, lights, disnetwork,(everything 120VAC-no 240VAC).

Helotes2010 02-14-2011 10:29 AM

Another reason
The military moves me about every 2 years. Last time I was going to point A, shipped all our household and then 2 days before departure was told I was going to point B the opposite direction. No problem, looked on this site found the best places to camp on the way, re programed the GPS loaded Family and dog into the RV and took off. Arrived and started my new job with a "hey let me know when you find my stick furniture in the meantime I'm camping out".

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