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hitman007 06-02-2011 07:01 PM

2011 Breeze 32
We just took delivery of our Breeze 32 on Tuesday. So far on the 2 hour trip home I am very impressed. We are going down from a 2007 42' tag Dynasty so the Breeze seems like a 7/8 scale of a class A pusher! The handling on the road was very good at 70 mph. Very tight and responsive, some people who are used to a big tag may not like this as they are accustom to soft and floaty with a straight track. The engine is more than adequate for the East coast but I would be a bit skeptical of performance in the West when climbing the Rocky Mountains. I think if you live in the Western states and plan to tow something this is not a good coach but I may be wrong. So far only one very minor factory defect which is a fan on one of the inverters runs all the time. Not really a big issue, I just flipped the switch to off when not in use. Will get it replaced on my punch list visit. Once we go camping with the unit for a weekend I will no doubt be adding to the list. As far as road noise, this is one of the better units I have owned. The passenger side top slide unit is vibrating loudly on the road but I am sure I can rig some foam to quiet this or Tiffin may have a solution.

My only "why didn't they add it" item so far is dimmer switches on the lights. Even the much cheaper class B units have dimmers now! Will report back more later but very happy we changed our order from the 28 to the 32. The 28 has no closet, no linen closet and no usable pantry. I think that will end up being a tailgate coach for most.

cvrvr 06-05-2011 04:22 PM

You sure know how to make a person envious.


micd 06-07-2011 09:50 PM

Pics. please
It sounds wonderful. Pics please.


Sumar 06-08-2011 04:28 PM

Congratulations! Ours is in production right now, so we won't be getting it until the end of ther month.
Great to hear good things about it.:)

hitman007 06-09-2011 05:53 AM

Will update all after the shakedown trip this month.

62Morgan 06-09-2011 11:50 AM

Breeze comes with the new slide mechanism "SCHWINTEK INWALL System" by Lippert Components,Inc.
This system has two horizontal racks affixed to endwall of slideout box and the motor is hidden within the MH wall 2" thickness underneath a jamb trim piece.

Would like to hear about your experience with how it works compared to your former basement-drive type.

Safe travels, and keep up the reporting....We have a huge audience curious about the new offering from Tiffin.

Sumar 06-09-2011 12:16 PM does have that slide system...we have a 32 Breeze on order also, and so looking forward to getting it the end of the month.:thumb:
Here is some info. on the slide system:
YouTube - ‪Schwintek In-Wall Slide System Product Video by Lippert Components‬‏

Korryp 06-11-2011 12:07 PM

A friend just bought a 32 Breeze and we are on the west coast. I think he agrees that it will work on hills but more power would be nice. One observation I had was there is not a amp meter inside that tells how many amps are being drawn. One would think that if you are on a 30 amp service it would be nice to see what was going on.

The coach is good looking and he tells me he is getting great fuel mileage.

Cthayer5 07-25-2011 05:42 PM

We have had our 32 Breeze since May 15, 2011. Have taken it to the Rockies. I posted on the 32 Breeze Fading thread about a week ago. We've had some issues but all in all really love it and are looking forward to taking it out again as soon as the kinks are worked out. The unit does fade a little on the highway...but we were on I-70, in Kansas with 40 mph sustained wind. Tough driving. It drove up the mountains like a dream (we were not towing). Going down was a serious issue with the transmission but Tiffin has assured us that we can take it in to an Allison location and they will upgrade and that will correct the problem. Our onboard computer gave us an average of 16.2 mpg! But we've been told that the onboard computer is off and to expect more like 12-13 mpg. We still need to figure out mpg from receipts. Hope you all love your Breezes as much as we do! The space is amazing, the bed is comfortable, the stove and microwave are fun to operate, the AC is fantastic (we live in Missouri and it has been HOT!), the furnace worked great in the mountains, the TV with surround is incredible. The booth and the leather are sooo nice. The sink is small and I've worked out a dishwashing routine but thank heavens the new models (2012) have a double sink. Mr Tiffin has assured me that I can have one put in mine if we go down to Red Bay. He's VERY nice.

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