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Sumar 09-23-2011 08:21 AM

Did think of one really " bad" seems like there is problems for an oil change. The engine of course is under the bed, but the access to it is horrible.
Now I have heard that an oil change has been done by accessing it by reaching over the engine on the 28 from the outside, but on the 32 that is impossible.
So some have designed hatch doors under their beds to get to it.
I also did hear that in the 2012 models they are producing them with a door in place under the bed..however one guy went to the Hershey show and checked out the 2012 model, no hatch door. But that could have been an early one off the assembly line, and they have rectified it since then.
Oh and also the bathroom cabinet right over the sink has posed a problem for some the there's not enough room to brush your teeth good without the cabinet being in the way. Has not posed much of a problem for us..
Check it out if you see a model.
Lol....also on your 2012 model, you will get a regular sink, 2011 ones have the smaller flip up top one...however check out the silverware drawer on the left of the sink. Your forks/ knives may not fit well in horizontal position, like the dividers are.
Are there deal breakers for you? Only you know.
Ok, now I'm done...the " good, bad and ugly" has been exposed!
Have fun hunting!

gkgeiger 09-23-2011 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by Idleup (Post 965662)
There's no doubt the Breeze has some issues to work out but there's really no other choice in a small pusher. While the slide is driving me nuts - I leaned a few tricks to keep somewhat quieter. Other than that, if you like Sprinter then you'll love the Breeze - its a real diesel pusher without the hassles of a giant box going down the road - it's only 11 high = 8 feet wide and 26 feet long - you can go places you even dream about in a normal coach. It's like your Sprinter except you're not bumping into walls to trying to use the thing.

Thanks - Mike


Originally Posted by Sumar (Post 965688)
Gkgeiger..keep in mind there are 2 breeze models..the 28 and the 32, neither of those numbers reflecting the actual length of the units.
I have the 32 , and believe it is 2" over the 33 mark.
Like all first year models, there are challenges to overcome. One is the noisy DS. I have one of the " fixes"', and although I travel over some pretty horrible road conditions, for the most part it is quiet.
It seems like we've all had some QA issues, which Tiffin on the most part is there to help you solve.
I am not very knowledgeable about engine power, and torque, but I'm sure some of the guys will chime in..there is another thread on this board re: breeze power going up hills which you might like to read.
The bedroom is " tight" no matter which model you choose. However the 32 does have a bit more storage space.
I have been told the 32 does handle differently than the 28. I don't know, as I've never driven a 28 so can't compare. However there are changes being made continuously on the production line so I do think they are working some " bugs" out.
Sorry I can't really disclose any " bad" stuff. Besides the noisy slides and some scattered QA matters, I feel there is not much to not love.
The engine power is less than the 40 ft. DP I had before, and there are no exhaust brakes, but so far all has been okay. A gal with a 28 just did a 3500 mile trip foam California thru B C, and she was happy the way her " baby" handled.
It does have a wimpy " bicycle " horn, no Hadley horns...:sad:
Good luck with your research,

Mike and Sue,
Thanks for the reply. I'm actually considering a 32'. I'm also looking at the Vesta and the Serrano. I wasn't necessarily looking at a DP (although I think it would be quieter) but rather an economical compact class A. I think I can live with the bedroom. I drove one at the Hershey show and it still had the slide noises. I didn't get to try it in the hills for power but I've read everything on this forum and it appears that some are happy with the power and some feel it's lacking. As I stated in my earlier post I couldn't have been more impressed with my Sprinters ability to climb hills and pull a load. If this thing is as good (should be better) I'll be thrilled. Thanks again and if you have anything to add please do.

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