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Stay tuned for what may be some comical entries!

I've always been told I should be a writer. Not that I think I'm good at it, all my family, friends, acquaintances and coworkers tell me I just have a way of telling a story.
Yes, I have been known to embellish things a bit, but without an apt description of events, it just wouldn't paint the picture in quite the light that it needs.

Many of our adventures.....wait, let me change that....Many of our misadventures start out with all the right intent, but somehow end up a WHOLE lot different than intended.
Being as my wife have a sense of humour, it helps get through most of the calamities that befall one who enjoys the RV Lifestyle.
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Our (Mis)Adventure To Buy A Different RV in Albuquerque

Posted 03-29-2015 at 09:56 AM by Dogpatch


Arriving in Albuquerque, of course as most things typically go, my suitcase is missing. We get to the Hotel and settle in. I call the Airline and express my disdain.

Well, my suitcase arrived to the hotel sometime in the middle of the night.

Apparently, according to Homeland Security, the risk of blowing up a plane with a surge protector, a GPS and a pair of underwear is minimal.

Mort (our rubber chicken and trusted traveling companion) was in the same suitcase. I can only imagine the conversations going around the security facility during this high priority investigation.

Now to the RV....well....after coming all this way my wife decides "We're not buying it".

After much deliberation, argumentation and realization, we decided that there were just too many things to fix. Some of which would be difficult due too unmatchable materials.

S-o-o-o... What do we do now?

Well, you do like anyone would do on a Brandt holiday after you just flew to Albuquerque and didn't buy a coach of course!

You find another RV you like and book your flights to Palm Springs to buy that one!

First though, you have to find a UPS store and courier the bank draft written to the company you were going to buy the first coach from, back to your bank in Canada so they can cancel it and put the money back in the bank in order to buy the next one.

Never a dull moment! No moss grows on our shoes!


Budget Rent a Car

I never knew you could get into an argument with an automated attendant system.

I called in to Budget Rent a Car to extend our rental for another day. The auto attendant kept asking if I wanted to extend the date of my rental and to say "Date". I said "Date". It would ask me again and again I would say "Date" again and again. It asked me again and finally after screaming into the phone, it changed the date and told me my new charges would be $172. I said "(bad word)OFF" as I was amazed at the cost and suddenly the attendant voice says. "Patching you through to a supervisor".

I thought I was in trouble.

Did this automated voice just understand I swore at it?
I didn't know if I hurt the auto attendants feelings or what.
A nice lady came on the phone and explained that was the total amount for the complete rental.
Have a nice day!


US Airways

The Locusts are starting to circle.

We checked in, been through security and were on the ramp waiting to board the plane when a pleasant young lady with the voice of an angel comes on the intercom and announces "Sorry ladies and gentleman, but we have a maintenance issue with the plane and unfortunately have to cancel flight #2959 to Palm Springs. Please report to the check in desk to be re-assigned your flights".

Bonnie and I look at each other and both say in unison "Are you (bad word) Kidding Me"?

So we get to the check in counter and they tell us the next flight out is in 6 hours. Reluctantly, we take the only offer available.

We proceeded to get pie eyed in the only restaurant in the secure area. Morgans starting to look like a Dr. Pepper. (Sugar overload) had some really crappy lunch.
Suddenly, just on the other side of the wall, they were jack hammering the old tile floor to put in a different shop. "It sounds like someone is pulling a bank heist" I think to myself. Noise like I've never heard before. I mean come on, we have six hours to kill and we have to listen to this?

The waiter comes to the table and says "Can I get you anything"?

I said "Can I have another drink and a side of noise please"?

Well The Blows Keep Coming!

Well the blows keep coming!
After having an agreed price on the coach in Palm Springs, we set out on the next flight (after the airline cancelled the original one) and arrived there at 9:00 PM. Rented our car and went to the Hotel. Finally got all settled in and connected to WiFi and an email came in. The guy who agreed to sell us his coach at an agreed price after him telling me he would hold it for us, said he sold it to a guy that evening for higher than my offer while we were in the air.

There were many words I expressed that would be censored by our phone provider.
I'm pee'd off at US Airways for canceling our flight which caused the delay in arrival in Palm Springs.

I called the guy a low life (bad word) for selling it from under us. He knew we were flying here only for the purpose of buying the RV.
Stupid me for believing someone in this day and age would be good for their word.

Oh well, Palm Springs is a tough place to be stuck I think to myself.

Except....the blows keep coming.

Especially when you book a hotel that basically caters to the spring break crowd.
The music was so loud at the pool with a DJ that we had to leave for the afternoon.
My head is still pounding from the bass. 10 hours of it. We tried to cancel the hotel stay and Expedia wouldn't get us our money back.
If we were 21, potheads and headbangers, we'd fit right in.
Booked an early flight home for tomorrow. Leaving this flea bag piece of (bad word) hotel a day early.

No motorhome. A lot poorer.
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