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migrantdawgs 09-02-2011 04:18 AM

No power to GFI, breaker not tripped???
I've got a Holiday Rambler '01 that lost most outlets yesterday while my wife was using the blender. We have 50A service and have not seen this before....the GFI is 'dead', I used a voltage detector and pulled the outlet out to test the incoming wires - nothing there. In the breaker box nothing is flipped. I have reset this GFI before, but the button doesn't click as it does when it is reset.
Ideas anyone???

George Z 09-02-2011 05:32 AM

Turn all breakers off then back on. Check the electrical output at the bottom of each breaker. If this checks ok then look for a receptacle or junction box between the breaker box and the gfi receptacle where the in / out wiring may have come loose. Your GFI circuit may not be wired direct to the breaker panel but may go thru other receptacles .Just my way of trouble shooting.

SUMDALUS 09-02-2011 09:49 AM


Do you have an inverter? If you do, good chance that you have "popped" a breaker on the inverter. Check there.

Hope this helps.

mojocat27 12-15-2011 09:02 PM

Sounds like we are having the same problem GFI tripped when running space heater and coffee pot...alll outlets dead. No breakers tripped. Hubby checked and we have power to the breaker box. He toned out the wires to some where behind the breaker box and under the in the heck does he get to it unless he moves stove :confused: Is there a junction in that area or receptacle where all the wires go thru???? If you find and fix the problem let me know!!!!

wa8yxm 12-16-2011 11:11 AM

Space Heater + coffee maker + whatever = SERIOUS OVERLOAD.

The symptoms "No breakers tripped" Not all breakers indicate Tripped that well, I have seen several examples of this. If the breakers are properly labeled turn the one for the GFCI chain OFF and ON, if they are not properly labeled you may need to cycle several breakers.

Option 2: When my rig was new I had serious with A/Cs not working all the time, Finally came up with a joke.. Many RVers have a few screws loose, in this case it was the screws that hold the wires in the Main power distribution box.. One of them took over TWO FULL TURNS before it snugged and still more to tight. (Yes, i mean METAL screws not MENTAL ones)

Finally check the connections on the back of the GFCI itself.. They are usually done with wire nuts and with that kind of a load you may have lost one of those.

The fact it does not "Reset" properly means that

1: It is not getting any power from the breaker box or
2: It is Toast.

I'm betting on #1

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