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saltfever1 11-27-2011 02:35 PM

Newbie,Future, FT Couple cargo capacity
Hi everyone:

DW & I plan on FT in a 27-30' TT in ' bout a year. This will be our first time.
After reading forums and mfg. websites for over a year, how much FT gear will a couple add to the (dry weight) of a travel trailer? I'm trying to determine if my tv(2002 SIlverado 3/4 gas 4.10,16,000gcwr) can handle it?

I know dry weight means virtually nothing, but I'm trying to start somewhere. Is adding 1000lbs to the 'dry weight' a doable starting number, or am I way off?

Tom & Cathy

easdsa 11-27-2011 03:48 PM

Welcome to the forum, Tom and Cathy. You're a little ahead of us as far as time goes. We've repeatedly heard that a FT couple will have 2-3000 pounds of "stuff" with you. That number has been a sticking point for us, as far as TT is concerned, because the brand we're interested in (Airstream) has few coaches that have that capacity.

Do you have a particular coach in mind, or are you still looking? We've found that there aren't all that many travel trailers that are really FT-capable. Airstream, as I said, sounds a bit iffy. Arctic Fox has a good reputation, but the closest dealer to us is 500 miles away, so we can't check on them. Excel has also been mentioned as a good possibility. Americana has an interesting concept, and their advertising makes them sound like they are aimed at full-timers.

Remember to look at the gross weight of the trailer. Based on what we've heard, I don't think that your truck will handle it. That GCWR means the sum of the truck (with fuel, oil, etc.), passengers, and trailer. If your truck weighs 6000 pounds ready to go, including you two, that means you have 10,000 pounds available for the trailer. Allowing 2000 pounds for your "stuff," your trailer empty weight has to be under 8000 pounds. Possible, but you will really need to work at keeping the weight down.

Remember that the hunt is all part of the fun.

saltfever1 11-28-2011 08:54 PM


Thanks very much for your reply! Haven't heard of the Excell Brand? Yes, the "illustrious" perfect TT hunt, always an adventure!!
Hopefully we can keep TT GVWR at 8500, those AF models have a 10,000gvw listed! Gotta look at their "dry weights". Good luck in your search, and thanks again!

paz 11-29-2011 06:35 AM

The dry weight listed by the manufacturer usually doesn't include options either. If not included in the dry weight, an awning alone can add a hundred pounds or more. By the time you add options, add a little water to the tank so you can flush the toilet and wash your hands when on the road, and fill the propane tanks, you can probably figure on several hundred pounds over the dry weight even before you add any food to the fridge or put any of your gear into the closets.

As full-timers, we carrying about 3000 lbs, but then we have a 37' motorhome. We probably carry more stuff than we should (I have a good many tools and DW likes to read so we have a lot of books on board), but I would allow 2000 lbs for a couple.

saltfever1 12-01-2011 09:41 PM


Thanks for the reply. Your MH sounds wonderful! Not sure If I'll be able to bring my 100# craftsman 6 drawer tool box. I'll shoot for 2k cargo capacity! thanks again!

easdsa 12-03-2011 05:56 PM

We've been researching in anticipation of going FT for somewhat more than a year now, and 2-3000 pounds of "stuff" for a FT couple is pretty much what we hear constantly, so it must be pretty accurate. Aiming for 2000 pounds is a good goal, and if there is room for more, great!

Over Christmas break (we're teachers) I'm going to start weighing some of the things that I know we'll be taking with us, just to get some idea of where we are. Should be interesting!

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