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Airtool 02-04-2012 01:00 AM


Originally Posted by Dj Michaels (Post 1062531)

I went back and read you post again and saw where you said where the ground problem was. My fault. I have a family member who works for cummins and I will show him you post and have him check that out. By chance when you experienced you problem did it seem that you engine was missing or what I felt was a hard miss as if it had bad fuel and wasn't going to continue running.


I did not get a pulse or surging engine when driving with out the cruse control engaged.However with it engaged the engine would surge. The fix the that was to clean the contacts on the cable and connector at The ECM.
This problem was never related to the Alternator issues.
They showed up in the speedometer with the needle jumping all over,and a few time with the speedometer reading over 100mph.
That was a bad ground connection between the alternator and the alternator ground cable. The engine mounts keep the engine isolated from the frame so the ground is required..


bingo1492 03-23-2012 05:50 PM

DJ MICHEALS....thanks for your lost in cyber space...finally found how to access missing, just goes off, then it statred intermittently, now nothing....yours sounds like a bad connection...i spent couple days tracking wires and still not happy...found one bad ground at disconect just before tail-lights...still no joy...still looking.........more later

bingo1492 03-23-2012 06:06 PM

air tool...where is the ECM...does it go by another it the connection that has close to 20 pins...all different color wires...has an LED on it that lits up when the ignition on.then after 6-8 seconds goes out....on a 95' sahara pusher cummins/allison...seems like i remember that tach &speedometer thing up & down but did not last long....checked grounds found the tail-light thing...fixed that still no joy....had a time figureing out how to get to this site...thats what took so long to get back to you....thanks for the input

bingo1492 03-24-2012 07:14 PM

in the NEW ORLEANS are, other side of LAKE. thing i'll take it to a shop in this area. anybody got a suggestion? in mandeville. don't mention CAMPING WORLD. had a bad experience there.

Airtool 03-24-2012 09:18 PM

I just got your request for more info.
Just got to get back in contact with you. I can not remember the Cummings Engine you have. Is it and ISB ? if so what year Engine ? ECM is located on the same side as the Air Compressor if its an ISB.
Do you have Tack speed on the Gauge?
Will try to help just get me back up to speed.


bingo1492 03-26-2012 06:47 AM

air tool...the frame is a MAGNUM package then the house is put on. the engine is a 6cyc B5.9 series. can't find out if its an ISB. still not sure what the ECM means. the unit is now 18yrs old and most of the components of the cruise are obsolete, that what i was told by ROSTRA, the guys that still make it for the after market. i think its a bad connection. have decided to try a shop in the area with up to date test equipment someone told me about. will let yaw'll know the outcome...

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