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garrydt 05-28-2012 08:26 PM

Water filter location
I also posted this on the general Class A forum:::banghead:

Hello everyone, we have a 1997 Beaver Monterey DP and having a hard time finding the location of the water filter. Crawled around in the storage bays with no luck. Did find an aftermarket add on for drinking water under the kitchen sink. I wonder did Beaver even have a water filter?
We have only had this fine coach for about two months and still finding out all about her. Our water pressure has droped to a trickle in the coach outside at the source is still flowing strong so I dont know if the filter is clogged and needs changing, got no maintenance records with the coach so starting from scratch. Thanks for any help.

Papa_Jim 05-28-2012 08:48 PM

Our coach is not a Beaver, but it is made by Monaco in about the same time period, so there may be some similarities.

Our coach had the water filter for the drinking water under the sink from factory. That was the only filter supplied in the coach from factory.

One trick I have learned after filling the water tank, is to remember to close the water fill valve to the water tank. If I forget to do that, there will be no water pressure inside the coach, and the water pump will not stop running.

garrydt 05-28-2012 11:21 PM

Water filter location
Thanks for the info, I will be doing some more checking at the inlet side in the morning.

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