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sirpurrcival 06-18-2012 08:09 PM

Powertrain Control Module F53
I am hoping that someone who is mechanically inclined may be able to help me with this.

I am having a problem with my IAT sensor on my 1999 Triton V-10 class a. I have narrowed the problem down to one of the following.

A. A discontinuity of the wire between the sensor and the PCM module or...

B. A faulty PCM

I am really hoping it is A as that is really just some wire but here is where I need some help. I have a schematic that seems to indicate that the IAT is on pin 39 of the PCM plug. I need to confirm that (104 terminal plug) and I am also unsure which pin would represent the signal return.

I have bridged the socket at the sensor end so knowing those two specific pins should allow me to test for continuity and replace the wire if need be.

Does anyone out there know for certain which two pins I should be checking?


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