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WE RV 2 06-23-2012 07:46 PM

Any body try Hatchlifts on the doors of your coach?I am thinking about trying a set,see how good they work.Any info to share

EngineerMike 06-23-2012 08:19 PM

I ordered the standard BedLift set, and installed them. They didn't install according to the instructions, as whatever bed geometry was used to develop the instructions was significantly different than mine. Took some experimentation. I now have the geometry right, but need to exchange the 80# lift springs for 120# heavy duty units (which HatchLift said they'd do straight across). After the exchange I'm sure the BedLift setup will work very nicely for me.

I'd say the Hatch setups will likely be similar, except most hatches weigh almost nothing so weight shouldn't be an issue and original springs should work fine. You will need to examine the instructions carefully against your geometry & coach materials, and make whatever adjustments are needed (e.g. I needed to add a couple plywood gusset plates to my bed platform, which it turns out is made of luan sandwiched over welded aluminum frame and needed strengthening to accept the leverage of the springs). When you get the springs installed, it sure is nice. The unassisted edge of my bed weighed ~60#. With the springs, I'd guess I'm only wrestling with 40# bed-down 20# bed-up now. After the heavier springs, I should have that down to almost even, say 20# bed-down, zero bed-up (heavier to get it started, then the geometry evens out to push straighter so with greater effect).

cpr_vbg 06-24-2012 01:31 PM

I recently bought a set of lift kits from hitch lift for one my compartment doors. They installed relatively easy (second went easier than the first). The end result is they work as advertised. I want to buy more for all the compartment doors (future plans).

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