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LEZM3 08-21-2012 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by J Walker (Post 1282859)

Our Avanti is 2011 and was one of the initial production units for that model year. Thus, it was one of the last to use the Workhorse chassis and Intl MaxxForce engine and Allison transmission. Having said that I had opportunity to purchase 2012 with freightliner and cummings, but personal preference led me to go for the workhorse and international platform. I have not been disappointed in performance, fuel economy, ride, or comfort.

I am just finishing trip through TN, KY, IN (factory visit), GA and have been most impressed with capabilities through mountains pulling our '09 Ford Flex (4800#) while still averaging 10+ mpg.

J Walker 08-21-2012 07:31 AM

Thanks for the reply. It appears that Damon used both Workhorse W16D chassis and Freightliner MC-L chassis for the Avanti. That is surprising since it doesn't seem cost effective. Thor may have had a longer term interest with Workhorse and 2013 Serrano seems to show that. Where the MC-L ends up with Thor who knows.

LEZM3 08-21-2012 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by J Walker
Thanks for the reply. It appears that Damon used both Workhorse W16D chassis and Freightliner MC-L chassis for the Avanti. That is surprising since it doesn't seem cost effective. Thor may have had a longer term interest with Workhorse and 2013 Serrano seems to show that. Where the MC-L ends up with Thor who knows.

Thor stopped using workhorse shortly after mfg of our unit. Follow-on '11 models had the freightliner. I believe the workhorse will be and is used on Serrano. Of course the Avanti is discontinued after 2012 (gee.....maybe we'll have a priceless collector item....haha).

Interestingly the 3rd week or so of July, I received call from Thor inviting our Avanti to factory for complete check-out prior to our 1-year purchase anniversary (caveate being if we couldn't make it they would still take care of any warranty defects). Quite surprise and i pressed with their active interraction with us. We did go there and they found misc items we weren't aware of (license plate light out, heated mirrors not working...hey we live in Florida). Well worth the drive from where we were in the midwest.

All in all we are very pleased. Drove 392miles today home from Georgia, averaging 60mph and 11+ mpg with toad in tow. Very pleased!

J Walker 08-22-2012 09:52 AM

Avanti3106 My MH is a collector's item also since the Ultrasport was replaced by the Astoria. I would be interested in finding out your MPG when not towing. I get close to 11 MPG towing my Malibu with my 36' Ultrasport, combined weight about 26,000 lbs.

LEZM3 08-23-2012 07:17 PM

I'm impressed with that. Do you have the Cummins? I was always of thought getting double-digits mpg was a dream on pushers?

J Walker 08-23-2012 07:27 PM

I have a Cummins 5.9 ISB. The DP is 22,000 lbs GVWR and 36', so it is really light as DPs go. My results are not uncommon for the weight. I have friends with Views with the Sprinter chassis but with 11 MPG I don't feel a need to downsize to increase MPG especially with mine being paid for, debugged, etc.

Shuffster 08-24-2012 09:58 PM

I suspect the Avanti is capable of 13-15 mpg after a break in period. With its smaller frontal area, reduced weight and sloped nose, it would have to beat out the old class A's. I have yet to read about anyone with 10K miles yet on their Avanti. I suspect that J Walker, with his obvious attention to economy to hit those numbers! I previously owned a 32 ft Journey and 36 Meridian and was averaging about 9.5 mpg towing. (both with ISB engines--yes in the Meridian, too) and I live in the West with plenty of mtns.

Has anyone weight their Avanti? GVW is 18,000 lbs, but what is the typical loaded weight?

J Walker 08-25-2012 07:49 AM

One reason I appreciate the Avanti is the aerodynamic design. They have downsized to effect quite a weight reduction. All of that will increase the MPG. Emission mods to the engine will detract some. My DP is a box design with A/C and vents on the roof and lots of things exposed underneath. There is no provision to help eliminate the partial vacuum created behind it. I have done what I can to increase MPG and that includes finding the best cruising speed (55 MPH), adding Air Tabs, and using Power Service fuel additives. All of these things changed my MPG from 10 to 11, and I feel sure that slowing down accounted for most or all of it. I would really like to see more manufacturers use aerodynamic designs and build lighter MHs. I watched the trend after 2000 and it seemed to be a HP and weight/size race. My 36' DP with 260 HP seemed to be passe. Now there is some recognition for making smaller and more efficient designs. If you observe the over the road trucks over the last 20 years, they have made huge changes to obtain aerodynamic efficiency and more changes keep coming.

Hoppers 10-14-2012 06:33 PM

Are you still happy with your avanti?
Are you still happy with your avanti? We are considering. Thank you...would love to talk to as many current owners. My email is

Originally Posted by Avanti2806 (Post 1252715)
We have owned a Thor Motor Coach (TMC) Avanti (28 foot model) since Dec 2010 (2011 model). We have taken more than 15 trips (short and long) accumulating better than 20,000 miles. We recently returned from visiting the Oregon coast (3,200 miles). The Avanti is our first RV purchase. It is perfect for two adults and is very easy to drive and maneuver.

By far the best part of this RV is the MC-L Freightliner chassis (made in Gaffney, SC). This chassis is rock solid and a pleasure to perform routine maintenance on.

I have added some detail in a post:

Another member I have been communicating with is “normanh”. I can send you our thread in an e-mail if you think it might help – it contains some specific issues that have been dealt with.

Hope this helps

LEZM3 10-15-2012 08:02 AM

Avanti Owners
In Aug we travelled up thru Alabama and Tennessee to Natural Bridge Kentucky for a wonderful week in State Park. From there we ventured to Thor HQ in Elkhart, Indiana. (visit to RV/MH Museum, Shipshewana (shop-all-ya-wanna)).

Thor svc contacted us in July to remind us our purchase anniversary (8/31/2011) was coming up and invited us to factory to have complete checkup and inspection done. Note, they also stated that if we couldn't make it, no problem as they would stand behind any issues that were identified by our local Thor Auth Svc Ctr. Thor svc was PHENOMINAL, thus reinforcing our satisfaction and decision buying their (Thor/Damon) product.

Our coach has run superb and aside from minor issues we have nothing but praise for the quality construction, performance (towing '09 Ford Flex 4700#), comfort, eye appeal, F.R.E.D. fuel economy, perfect size, and just overall everything.

This Thu we venture to Cedar Key, FL for 43rd Annual Seafood Festival (delicious steamer silver dollar clams and Tony's World Championship New England Clam Chowder. Then we are off to Franklin, NC to visit friends and play for few days in the Carolinas and take in the fall colors.

So! We absolutely LOVE OUR AVANTI.


Originally Posted by Hoppers (Post 1339547)
Are you still happy with your avanti? We are considering. Thank you...would love to talk to as many current owners. My email is

LKoolkin 02-04-2013 08:20 PM

2011 Avanti 2806
We bought one new in Dec. 2011, have 12k mile now, and are spending our 2nd winter traveling the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. I'd be glad to to answer any questions about this wonderful coach...

Shuffster 02-05-2013 04:42 PM

A couple of questions- Is the bed big enough, I don't believe it is as wide as a queen, (closer to a full)? And is the horseshoe seating confortable enough for lounging, ie is it a reasonable replacement for a sofa? These are the items that I am still anxious about.

Thanks for answers.

LKoolkin 02-06-2013 08:34 AM

First let me say that we love the coach, and bought if after looking at Sprinter based units. The chassis (2011, Freightliner MCL, Cummins 6.7L pre-DEF, Allison 6 speed) has been flawless. Thor could have done a better job with quality control in the coach, but they were very helpful getting the various 'issues' of a new coach sorted out and fixed.

The bed is smaller than a std queen (80"x60" I believe). The mattress measures ~74"x54"x9", rests on a plywood base so is nice and firm, and has a rounded corner (outside at the feet) to make access to the shelves under the TV easier - although it's probably not necessary. It could not be much larger, since when the slide is closed it's right up to the divider wall to the bathroom. For us the compromise was the fact that it's against a wall and more difficult to make, than the size - we're 5'10" and 5'7" and sleep quite comfortably. Big deep drawers are also under the bed. The other plus is that the floor plan allows full access and use of the bed with the slide closed, which has been handy a few times.

As for the lounge, the U-shaped couch was a selling point for us. It's really plush leather(ette), quite comfortable to sit and eat (the table goes up/down, spins, and can open to double its size) for 4 adults. My wife also uses it to lounge on, lying across the back, which she can do while I'm sitting at one end using the table like a desk. It also has big drawers under each end, and the center cushion also comes out revealing a good sized 'hidden' space. It would have been nice if the table design allowed it to drop down to form another small bed, but for us - having used the dropdown bed only once - it's no big deal.

We usually travel fully loaded (above and below), with two adults, a 150lb dog, and full water, fuel, and propane tanks - and to date get about 14mpg with 75% of our driving on secondary roads.

Hope this helps...


Reid 03-06-2013 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by LEZM3 (Post 1281600) they say...believe it.

We also have an Avanti3106 - 2011 with Workhorse chassis and MaxxForce 5 engine. We love it. Cuurrently sitting abt 40 feet from water at Sigsbee RV park, Key West Naval Air Station FL. Temp mid 70's

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