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sparrowspecv 06-25-2012 09:49 AM

how to fill cab-to-bunk gap? (class C)
Hey all I have a 1979 Itasca Sundancer that I am rebuilding the overhead bunk on due to water damage, and I am wondering does anyone have a recommended system for sealing the outside cab-to bunk gap? It is basically a rubber garage door seal glued around the bottom of the bunk shelf that somewhat 'contours' to the shape of the van cab. However, it is not sealed to the cab at all, and with the bunk floor out I can see outside pretty easily because its not sealed in there. I thought about loading it with rubberized sealer or something, but then I thought maybe the reason the bunk wasn't sealed to the cab was for flexion purposes? Anyway... the concern is that when looking through the cab-to-bunk mating 'joint', there is nothing to stop the elements from coming in other than like a 1/8" thick piece of MDF or fuzzy veneer or something. What should I do here? Thanks!

nightriderrv 06-28-2012 06:56 AM

That area needs to be water tight there should been screws in the the cab going up through the roof into the platform drawing the two surfaces together.

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