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Robi.1014 07-19-2012 10:47 AM

Tranny lube of 4-down (aka: REMCO pump)
I had placed this in the "Towing Issues" forum, and got zero hits. So I'll place it here ... knowing that the Monaco group of folks has some serious "talent" at things mechanical....

I'm a Buick-towing (4-down) guy. I'm currently preparing a 2008 Lucerne (virtually the same power train as my 2001 LeSabre).

The 12VDC tranny-lube-pump draws ATF from the sump (pan) and pumps into the heat exchanger (in the radiator)....and the fluid returns to the tranny in a location where lubrication is/can be of good.

I'm looking for someone who knows these GM transmissions and can specify where in the tranny this lubrication actually goes!?!?!?! Stated differently, what is the internal injection point of this "cooled" ATF?

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