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Scarab0088 07-20-2012 02:49 PM

Class "A" Toyhaulers
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After having one of these rigs for over a year now, I have learned alot. And, wanted to bring some info into one thread for others thinking about getting a Class "A" Toyhauler.

Attachment 72521

"There are two kinds of people:
Those that wish they had a garage at their house;
And those that have a garage at their house."

For the sake of this thread, I offer that the awesome MDT and HDT "Super C" Toyhaulers are a "horse of a different color" due to price and capabilities and should be in their own Thread/Forum (which already exists here in iRV2):bow:.

So, please post what you know and share info about these versatile rigs.:thumb:

Scarab0088 07-20-2012 02:56 PM

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I'll start with the rig that I and many others here on iRV2 have:

Thor/Damon Outlaw:
Attachment 226359

Attachment 93747 or
2007 - 2013, Generation I, Damon Motor Coach Models 3611, 3612, and 3808 (2009-2011) see post #4 below.
2010, Damon models are merged with FourWinds and Mandalay Luxury Coach to create Thor Motor Coach.
2013 - 2016, Gen II is started with the mid-year roll-out of the 37LS (Legacy Style?) (replacing the 3611, but was very similar).
2013 - 2015, 37MD (Mid-Den?) begins production of a Mid-Den style room w/ passenger side sleeper/sofa amidships in a slide.
2015 - 2018, 38RE (Residence Edition) is added to the line, w/ Kindsize bed and bath and a half - Not a ToyHauler, but still has the rear deck (not ramp) named the "Fiesta Deck".
2015 - 2018, A Class C Toy Hauler (E450 Chassis) bearing the Outlaw brand name and model name 29H is debuted.
2015 only A Super-Class C on a F550 Diesel chassis is offered, Named the 35SG.
2016 - Present, adds the Model 38RB (Real Bedroom) w/ a Queen sized bed in the mid-coach bedroom (passenger side slide). Very similar to the discontinued 37MD but not a sleeper/sofa.
2016 - 2017 38RF, the addition of a second residence version, offering a campsite side extending dinette with free standing chairs and driver's side galley.
2017 - 2018 Brings the 37BG (Big Garage), a new refocused Toy Hauler Outlaw, with 13'6" Deep Garage, 2 levels of bunks in the garage (bench/bunks and drop-down queen bed), campsite side dinette, and sleeping space for 10!
2017.5 - Present Brings a second Class C, the 29J.
2018 - 2019 The 37GP (Garage Patio) is added to the line with a side patio deck extending from the passenger side garage wall with access thru a side sliding glass door. It adds a second (passenger's side) slide in the salon, keeps the legacy loft and rear ramp/deck, and trades the dinette for a passenger-side "L" Lounge across from the large TV.
2019 - Present The 37MB (Massive bedrooms?) is added. There's is no loft, so the in-garage drop-down bunk stows WAY UP HIGH, plus it and the mid-ship master bedroom have 9foot ceilings!
2020 - Present The 29S (Side Ramp) is a Class C that places the ramp on the passenger side.
2020-Present 38KB (for King Bed?) King bed in the master and a loft, with washer/dryer hook-ups.

Available Chassis:
'07-2019: Ford Triton V10 include;
~'07-'13, 22k and 24k
~'14.5 - Present 26k GVWR
~'16.5 - Later will have a 6 Speed Torq-Shift Transmission
'07-'09: Workhorse W24
'08-'10: Freightliner FRED (Diesel)
2020-Present, Ford 7.3L "Godzilla" V8 w/ 6 Speed Torq-Shift Transmission

Major Features/Options:
- Gen I, In garage, electric rear Queen drop-down bench/bed (option).
- GenII, In garage, Flip/fold garage bench/bunks (standard).
- GenII, Garage ramp/Party Patio (standard).
- Full Body paint (Standard in all GenII models).
- Gen II, front electric drop down queen bunk (standard).
- 2016 models and later, Residential Fridge (standard - all models).
- Garage door bug screen (option, later standard)
- Murphy bed built-in garage (standard in 3612 model)
-Custom headlights replace automotive sourced units, starting with the 2019 model year
- MoreRyde fence system for the ramp/deck (standard)
-"Three season screen wall" at the rear of the garage (standard)

Garage load limit (check the GVWR for application)
Ford 26,000lb Chassis - 2,500lb
Ford 24,000lb Chassis - 2,000lb
Ford 22,000lb Chassis - 1,500lb
Workhorse W24 - 2,000lb
Freightliner (FRED) - 2,500lb
Capacity was clearly displayed on a wall placard from the factory.

Attachment 93746

Attachment 23727

Scarab0088 07-20-2012 03:05 PM

Gulfstream Bountyhunter
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Here's one I was looking at (used):

Gulfstream's Bountyhunter:
Attachment 23730

Mfgt: 2007 - 2009 (mfgt yrs not confirmed)
Available Chassis:
Ford Triton V10 ('07-'09)
Workhorse W24 ('07-'09)
Freightliner FRED (Diesel) ('08-'09)

Major Options:
Happy jacks Bunk beds for garage.
Full body paint

Scarab0088 07-20-2012 03:14 PM

Damon's 3808
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Damon bumped-up the length (12' deep garage) and added a second slide for the 3808:

Attachment 23735
Mfgt: '09-'11

Available Chassis:
Ford Triton V10 w/26,000lb GVWR ('09-'11)
Freightliner FRED (Diesel) w/27,000lb GVWR ('09-'10)
Workhorse W24 was never offered.

Major Options:
Full body paint (partial paint was standard)
Electric drop-down bunk or Murphy Bed for garage

Scarab0088 07-20-2012 04:29 PM

Four Winds
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Then there was the Four Winds (now Thor) Hurricane or FunMover 34Y:
Attachment 23738
Attachment 251836
Attachment 251837

Mfgt: '08-'09

Chassis: Ford Triton V10 or Workhorse W24 (all yrs)

Major Options:
Electric Drop-down bunk or jack-knife chair/bunks in garage

Scarab0088 07-20-2012 09:09 PM

Newmar Canyon Star
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And the list would not be complete without the Newmar Canyon Star Toy Haulers:

Attachment 186625

Mfgt: 2009 - 2015, Model 3920
2013 - 2017, Model 3921
2016 only Model 3922 (Shed model)
2017 - 2018, Model 3923 (Shed model)
2018 - Present , Model 3924 (w/ Rear Patio, not Toy Hauler)
2018 -Present, Model 3927 (w/ Super-slide forward of the bedroom)

Chassis: Ford Triton V10, 26k GVWR
Starting w/ 2016 models - 6 speed TorqueShift Transmission.
2020-Present, Ford 7.3L "Godzilla" V8 w/ 6 Speed Torq-Shift Transmission

2020 Newmar Acquired by Winnebago

Major Features/Options: MASSIVE FULL WALL SIDE in the 3921 (standard).
Residential fridge (Option).
Central house vacuum (Option).
In-garage, electric drop-down bench/bunks (Option)
Half bath in Garage (Option).
Shopvac in garage (Option)...
And the option list goes on...

Garage load capacity (check GVWR for application):
Known...3920 and 3921 with Ford 26,000lb Chassis - 1,500lb*.
*SUBTRACT weight of "optional" lifting garage bench/bunk, washer/dryer, half bath, etc. if equipped.

Attachment 186626

Attachment 186627

Attachment 186628
New 3924 residential (not Toy Hauler) version.

Scarab0088 07-21-2012 03:01 PM

Other versions of toyhauler
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I have seen pictures of other Toyhauler options - but they are really toy-trunks, like:

Besides the Bounty Hunter, Gulfstream's 2008 Crescendo 325 had a FRED chassis that made room for a BIG rear pass-thru
Attachment 23778

Attachment 23779
Crescendo Front Engine Diesel

Mfgt: 2008 (?)

Chassis: Freightliner FRED

Major Options:

History: Gulf Steam exited the motorhome market in 2010.

Scarab0088 07-21-2012 03:11 PM

Travel Supreme
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Another Toy-Trunk - really...I have read a lot of buzz on the internet about the Travel Supreme Toy hauler, but pics are rare. I found one on a classified:
Attachment 23780

Attachment 23781

Attachment 23782

Mfgt: 2005 (?)

Chassis: Spartan w/ IFS!

Major Options: Unknown

History: Travel Supreme was acquired by Jayco around 2008 and was used to form Entegra Toy Hauler's expected from this maker. See:

Recent owner research reports as few as 12 of these RV's were ever made.

Scarab0088 07-21-2012 03:17 PM

Sterling Acterra
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And the sky is the limit for the "deep pocket" buyer:
Attachment 23783

I saw this one on a TV show - the RV's suspension raises and the toyhauler tray drops to allow the tray to slide out unload the car.

Scarab0088 07-22-2012 05:44 PM

Another Newmar Toy Hauler
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Seems that the Canyon Star 3920 isn't Newmar's first entry into the Toy Hauler catagory...

I found that there was the Allstar ME 4150-4157:
Attachment 23858

Attachment 23859

Attachment 104943 - Link broken at the source
(Edit new link)
Newmar RV All Star Motor Home Class A - Diesel - Toy Hauler | Reviews, Floorplans, Specs, Pictures and Price Quotes

Mfgt: 2007-2008

Chassis: Spartan (ME is for Mid-Engine)

Major Options:
Cummins ISB (360HP) or ISL (400HP) Middle Engine
Loft bed
Full body paint

Mr_D 07-22-2012 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by Scarab0088 (Post 1250278)
And the list would not be complete without the new for 2012, Newmar 3920:

Attachment 23746

MFGT: '12 - Present

Chassis: Ford Triton V10

Major Options: Half bath in Garage.

They also made some in previous years. One model had dual slides for hauling two motorcycles. one on each side, used a mid engine Spartan chassis with an ISC 350.

OOPS See above!!

Scarab0088 07-22-2012 06:05 PM

Safari simba
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Here's another rare one from Monaco, the Safari, Simba 38SKD:
Attachment 23863

Attachment 23864

I could only find classifieds for this model:
2008 Safari Simba 38SKD FD Toy Hauler Class A Motorhome
Edit: Link went dead after 2016.

Mfgt: 2007-08

Chassis: Freightliner FRED

Major Options: Unknown

Scarab0088 07-22-2012 11:40 PM

One for our European members
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How about this rig? The Vario Perfect Platinum:
Attachment 23872

VARIOmobil - Fahrzeugmarkt - neue und gebrauchte Reisemobile

Mfgt: Sorry I don't read German:whistling:

Chassis: Something BIG and German:laugh:

It's fun to dream...:D

Scarab0088 07-24-2012 07:43 PM

Safari Compression
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There's a very interesting floorplan in the Safari Compression:
Attachment 23966

Attachment 23967

Safari Motorcoaches
URL Died about 2016.

Mfgt: 2008-2009(?)

Chassis: Specifics not known, but available in "Compression Gas" and "Compression FD" (FRED w/ Cummins)

Major Options:
Electric bench/bunk and upper bunk in garage
Central Vac
-Check out the Island in the kitchen-

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