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deandec 10-14-2012 12:52 PM

Tools to Repair Small Paint Failures
I have no previous auto painting knowledge but have had reasonably successful driveway application of base coat and clear coat repairs with the following stuff.

It took me a while to locate the combination of items and the courage to determine what tools were useful by actually doing the repair.

My rig is too old to economically justify a $10,000 paint job. :sad:

I did not have a compressor that could run an automotive paint gun nor a garage to shelter the MH in my suburban setting. :nonono:

I have had some clear coat peeling and areas of paint fade or damage on my 18 year old rig. :eek:

Tools I Have Used:

Paintcolor matching from Auto Paint Supply Store. About $100 for the first quart.

800, 1000, 1500, 2000 grit auto Sand Paper.

Liquid Rubbing and Polish Compounds.

Rotary Buffing machine with foam or wool pads. (I have yet to burn any paint on my Clear Coated MH with this more aggressive $30 buffer.)

Lots of blue masking tape and rolls of masking paper.

Preval Paint Sprayer to apply base coat paint about $5.00 at Home Depot or Auto Supply stores. :thumb:

What Is The Preval Sprayer? | Preval

SprayMax 2K two part clear coat in a rattle can.
About $23 at Auto Paint Supply stores. :thumb:

2K clear coat: Spraymax

The good thing is it is hard to make a fiberglass repair that itself is not repairable. Paints sands off. Bondo can be removed. (Over spray however is a pain in the "ykw".)

My theory is a pro can usually fix your errors if needed, which is where you were in the first place before you attempted your repair. :)

Hopefully the info will help other who are have paint that needs repair as opposed to full replacement and want to attempt the repair themselves.

SarahW 10-14-2012 01:31 PM

Thanks for the info, Dean. You are a far braver soul than I. :D

CountryFit 10-14-2012 09:32 PM

hi dean, this is exactly what i have been looking for, someday i will do this myself!! Thank you so much for the sharing!!

jofo777 10-15-2012 10:42 PM

Dean, good post and very timely for me. I have been doing paint repairs my 1993 Magna for about 6 weeks and it is coming along great. After you repair an area how do you buff out the overspray. I have not tried to do any buffing yet. I figured to let it get nice and hard first.

I didn't know about the 2k clear coat. I just used a 1 part acrylic automotive lacquer and so far so good. Have you used the SprayMax 2K yet? It says in the data sheet the pot life is 48 hours. Maybe you could extend that by putting it in the refer.


deandec 10-15-2012 11:59 PM


yes I have used about 10 cans of the Spraymax.

It dries quite hard and can be buffed or sanded in about 10 hours. I try to plan my spay painting to consume most of a can. It covers about 8 square feet in two or three coats. I do not try to extend the pot life beyond 24 hours.

I did not have good luck with the spray cans of Clear Coat from the Auto Stores. It does not seem to be as durable and has peeled fairly quickly. Perhaps it is my technique.

I have an old black and decker 7" Rotary Buffer that I use on the rig. If I have a lot of orange peel, I will sand 800, 1000, 1500, then use buffing compound and then polishing compound. There is no way one could buff orange peel and drips without a rotary buffer in my opinion.

I sand a clear coated area until water sheeting down the sides stays uniform with no quick shiny drying effect. Then I begin the buffing.

Over spay can be buffed or sanded. Just be careful not to sand away the old good clear coat at the same time. Then buff.

At this point, I have replaced the clear coat on the white portion of my rig on the entire driver side and rear cap.

Lots of work due to my inexperience

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