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FLYING BUTCH 10-27-2012 07:52 AM

slide adjustment on my Marquie
On our 04 Beaver the last few times we put the passenger slide in and start out withing the first 1/4 mile I could hear a "clunk" back by the rear of the slide where the stove is located. Never did this before. I took it to a local RV "repair??" shop. The mechanic asked me if I saw a missing part (a block) he said was missing from the top of the slide I told him we had not seen anything. Long story short after 3 tries we can not even get the slide to open up!!! The manager said they had to manafacture a block to stop the slide from going in to far and that I needed $1000 worth of new weather stripping. I called the Beaver dealer in Bend Oregon and talked with service dept. They said no block on the slide. I looked at the other slide and there is no block there. Called the local dealer back and after a heated discussion he told me that the reason the slide was going to far was because of the weather stripping and if I had them replace it that would stop the slide. I'm not the smartest cookie but how the hell is 1/8" weather strip going to keep several hundred pounds of slide from moving!! He said it would make a "air tight" fit. Headed back out Tuesday and at this point just want him to free up the slide.
I tried to tell him to just look at the other slide but "he has been in the business for 25 years and knows what the repair needs?????

deSanford 10-27-2012 03:36 PM

Find time to go to Bend Or. is one option. Order the weather stripping and apply it yourself. I would find out why you can't get the slide to open. Could be gears or motor misaligned??deSanford PS..........Stay away from some of these shops unless you have money to burn.

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