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itdave 01-01-2013 10:45 PM

Cleaning Day Night Shades
Last week we rented a rug cleaner to clean the rug and sofa. Over time my day/night shades next to the dinning table and computer desk have become stained from spilled beverages (ie wine). I was looking to replace them because every thing I read said I would have to remove them to clean them. I decided to try cleaning them with the furniture cleaning tool from the carpet cleaner.

They came out great!

I started with them fully open then dropped them down till I could get part of the night shade flat against the window. I then used the tool to clean a section at a time. The vacuum picked up the sprayed cleaner so quick the windows did not get wet. It took a little work to get all the pleats back in the shades but I got them all reset then closed the shade to set the pleats. After about an hour I opened them to let them dry.

All the stains are gone the pleats are good and now I don't have to replace them.
Very happy.

Larry & Rita 01-01-2013 11:33 PM

I also have an 06 Holiday Rambler Endeavor
Seems the previous owner dumped a cup of coffee on the table and stsined two shades.
After posting on this fourm I was told to go get a spray bottle of Oxiclean and after a couple of treatments the stains were gone, being the sceptic I am I tried it in some very stained dinning chairs and was very impresed.

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