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JohnT 01-03-2013 04:05 PM

Steve and Mark - good points. :thumb:

I have a process for "viewing" a MH.
. We walk around the unit checking out ever door.
That will usually be an indication of how the unit was maintained.
. The unit must be closed when we first walk in.
This gives us the "travel" look.
. I carry a notebook and a tape measure.
Measure tight spots and when opened I can tell you how far the TV is from where I would be sitting. :thumb:
. I also have 2 GoPro video cameras that we run while doing the "tour". Even when we're on the road test. Captures a lot of "noise".

Mr. M 01-03-2013 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by JohnT (Post 1418555)
It only took two years for us to determine our first 5th wheeler didn't fit our style. So now we are looking to step up and these words keep popping up.

What shortcomings did you find in your current rig?

firedoc 01-03-2013 05:25 PM

The only downside I find to our DP is that it could use another bathroom and a larger engine.

JohnT 01-03-2013 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. M (Post 1419050)
What shortcomings did you find in your current rig?

CCC of 1920# for a 37' 5th wheel.

TdogKing 01-03-2013 06:21 PM

Get the sleeping arrangement that you like and and can sleep with, I think really that's the most important thing is to be comfortable sleeping. Then build your floor plan/desires from there. Been RVing over 30 years and that's my 2 cents.

CampDaven 01-03-2013 06:33 PM

I bought my last FP first. Front Diesel.

But....BUT, there is a humongus DP ahead of us.

HHIDan 01-03-2013 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by USMCRET (Post 1418640)
We bought our last one first, and will probably do it again in 10 years. ;)

Your last ride will be in a gray or black station wagon. Enjoy as many different other rides until then!

I'm on RV # 6 and have at least a couple more in me as I'm only 55 ys young

palehorse89 01-03-2013 06:45 PM

I would think if you were going to buy "your last DP first" it would firstly depend on the size of your wallet and then start from there. My wallet did not permit us to buy our last one first at the time we bought , but if my wallet would of permited I for sure would of bought my last one first.(Till age need updated)

DSL417 01-03-2013 06:49 PM

I don't know how you can say for sure that your first would be your last. I know that is what we set out to do for one reason get into a follow-on with the amenities and quality that we bought this time would mean would have to be working to qualify for the loan or tap retirement funds severely for down payment. So we studied alternatives and examined...used this forum for info and chose. Hopefully, our choice for first will be last...unless the Powerball and a Prevost is in our future:D

Mystery 01-03-2013 07:21 PM

I agree with taking your time and researching. My only regret is that we did not get a tag. We have 6 children and our 38 ft Newmar Dutchstar is a great coach but I would have gone 43 or 45 based upon what I know now. I only started in July 2012. My advice is buy bigger than you think you need but stay within your budget. There are a lot of great used diesel pushers out there at good prices. Safe travels and enjoy the search!

Jack1234 01-03-2013 08:24 PM

Well....just another perspective ( not for everyone)....

We do not have..... a 42-45'...tag ... 600hp ISX... 4000 Allison.... Comfort Drive .... Smart wheel.... 3000 psw inverter & 8 AGM's powering an all electric system.... 4 slides... 2 bathrooms.... king size bed... dishwasher... stacked W/D .... agua-hot.... tile floors... 4 HDTV's... outside entertainment center.... electric macerating toilet... wind sensitive power awnings... MCD power shades....

......and we still enjoy FTing in our simple & "last" rig.

Dr4Film 01-03-2013 08:24 PM

6 Attachment(s)
I took one year to do my research on diesel rigs.

I had purchased a 1992 36 foot Airstream Landyacht in October of 2001. I bought it so I could live in it and travel full-time once I retired. I used it a number of times and lived in it for a few months also. I quickly realized that it was not going to be big enough for full-timing nor did it have enough storage both inside and out. My Golden Retriever and I would do the dose-do in the aisle each time we wanted to move to another part of the motor-home.

So December of 2002, I started my research.

I started with Holiday Ramblers (the Endeavor was the very first diesel rig I went through) and it progressed from there. I went through many different brands and models, talked to as many people as I could. I joined discussion groups to read as much as I could about all of them. I went to all of the RV shows I could find.

And after one year of putting together what worked and what didn't, I finally decided on looking for a 2002 40 foot Monaco Windsor triple slide. There were many reasons why I wanted that specific year, brand and model. The floor-plan was not critical as there were a few different ones available.

I made a purchase over the Internet in November of 2003 for a 2002 Monaco Windsor PST in the Tampa Fl area. We sealed the deal over the phone on Thursday. That Friday and through the weekend, I was making one way plane reservations, hotel reservations and car reservations. Then on Monday, I received an email from the owner that he had sold the coach over the weekend to a local person. Obviously, I was livid and he got to hear how livid I was. Personally, I think he most likely got a higher offer for the coach from someone else and he didn't want to lose the additional money.

So, I seldom look at these type of situations as a negative. It usually happens for a reason. And as it turns out, it was more of a Blessing and there WAS a reason that I did not get that coach.

Well, after hitting the Internet again, I must have used a different search term when Googling for another 2002 Monaco Windsor. One popped up on the screen which was only a 3.5 hour drive north of where I was living in California at the time. I made an appointment to go through the coach, returned home and made them an offer the following day. A few days later we came to an agreement and the rest is history.

As it turns out, the floor-plan was perfect for my needs and storage, plus the coach had been ordered with wood floors from the entry door all the way to the bedroom. the only carpet in the living area is under the sofa and dinette which is the roadside slide.

I have done many modifications to personalize my coach and have now owned it 9 years. I am still paying on the loan but it gives me a tax write off for all of the interest that I am paying to the credit union where I got the loan through.

This IS my first and last DP coach. I knew after spending that much money that I would not be trading again anytime soon or for that matter ever.

Photos are from when I purchased the coach.

Dr4Film ----- Richard

Traps90 01-03-2013 08:40 PM

We started looking at DP 2-1/2 years ago for fulltiming, we started looking at the 40' mainly a Tiffen Phaeton and Itasca Ellipse, didn't take to long to learn that we wanted a little bigger motor the ISC with exhaust brake that the Phaeton had.

The CCC of the 40' Elipse wasn't near enough to fulltime in. So after hanging around these sites a bit we decided we had to get a tag axle coach.

Since we we're going to fulltime we decided that the rear baths we're a great idea and gave us more flexibilty in using the rest of the coach and also gave a really good sized bathroom.

Unfortunately on the Winnebago Tour the only floorplan we like was the 42qd but that was a little light on closet space and drawers for our needs.

Then we looked at the Newmar Dutstar with rear baths but they had to small of vanities in them and the nightstands by the king bed we're to tiny for our needs.

Finally came accross the Monaco Diplomat 43dft which was about as perfect of a floorplan as we could have hoped for. As you can see by my signature that's what we've gone with

goldviper 01-03-2013 09:17 PM

We did exactly that---Bought our last Coach First.... We had looked for years and when it came time to buy, we tried to buy a used one and we made the deal fall thru.
To many issues from the dealer. We then said we would by NEW and get the warranty and all of the bells and whisles. We ordered from the factory and loaded it up with every option. We just did our first trip last weekend. Two baths, residential refer, fireplace, auqua hot, 450 hp 1250 fpt, central vaccum, tag. Amazing unit.

This one should last us for a very long time. We retire in 6 months and looking forward to seeing our great nation.

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